Welcome to Pastelkatto Dress Up Games

Welcome to Pastelkatto games, home of character creators and dress up games! I do my best to collect high quality games, focusing on customization and art quality. All while providing my own games. This website is where you can find the browser version of the Pastelkatto Avatar Creator. My old username is Missangest games, if you played my old games then I can let you know that I plan to either remake or convert all of my old games! I go between converting old games and creating new games. So you will get a mix of my old flash era content and brand new games!

Future Pastelkatto dress up games!

next game preview

The next game theme will be Knight Princess! A theme submitted by a patreon and voted top by patrons! This game may take a while to be released, I will soon begin full time studies. I will do my best to work on any free time I’ll get though, I will not stop developing games but education is important! 🙂

If you want to see weekly game progress updates, submit your own game theme, vote for future game themes or even submit your own items to the game, you are very welcome to support me on patreon (https://www.patreon.com/pastelkatto)! Other perks are early access to artwork timelapses, full resolution versions of my non-commission artworks, access to the ad free desktop apps, artwork commission discount and having your name in the thank you section of all timelapses!

Patreon support is completely voluntary though and I will always have free versions of my games available to play!

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