Historic Vampire Dollmaker

Create and dress up a vampire with either modern or historic outfits!

App for android (this is a part of the Fantasy Dollmakers app): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.MissangestFantasyDollmakers

Known issues:

If the game gets stuck on the loading screen, just refresh the page and it should work! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Historic Vampire Dollmaker”

  1. I love this game. I just wish you could update it some more, such as adding more trousers, a raincoat, and some tops. I’ve made 37 different ones so far.

    1. Looking neat, and holy moly, 37! I do not update old games and there’s a limit of how many items I can put in these games, HTML5 does not handle graphics well (it’s not like the old flash days :/)

  2. Came here from your prior site. The game window is pretty small and scrunched now, to the point where the doll is very pixely overall and indistinct on the face. I like the game not being larger than my screen (resolution is 1360×768) but the art is so good that I’m sad it’s kind of mangled. Maybe reducing the size of the sidebar would help, since it kind of seems to take over the page.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! On 1920×1080 the game window is actually bigger than on my old website despite the sidebar and I didn’t think of checking how it looked on other resolutions, I can definitely see the problem when I test it on 1360×768. So I’ll make some changes to the game pages so it will work for other resolutions as well, for now the sidebar is removed on game pages so it should look better! 🙂

        1. Theme submission is only available to patreons, it would be very unfair to them if I considered free suggestions. But I do appreciate the interest! 😊

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