18th Century Fashion Dress Up

Dress up your character in fashion from the Colonial period, slightly simpler game but pretty as always from AzaleasDolls! The artwork is from PuertoricanBelle 😀

2 thoughts on “18th Century Fashion Dress Up”

  1. Makayla Fastnacht

    I’ll miss you so much when Flash gets deleted tonight. Thank you for years of inclusive and beautiful designs. Thank you for the years in which I’ve learned to love the things I love and not be afraid of what others think. You, as well as Azalea, Rin, StarSue, GirlsGoGames, DollDivine, Niobesnuppa, and all the others have made my life brighter. I wish you all the best, even as all these years seem to fade away from a flash drive. But the memories, inclusivity, and creativity won’t leave the people they’ve touched. You all have made mine and so many other people’s lives that much more full of color. I’m proud to have seen dress up games evolve to something a plus-sized, handicapped, POC, or any child of any shape and size can point at and say “that’s beautiful. And that looks like me.”
    Thank you so much for all these years. We’ll never forget you guys or the creativity you all have inspired.
    Happy New Year, MissangestGames. <3

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, that’s so sweet of you 🥰 Happy new year! (I am not stopping game developing though, there will be a brief period of delayed game releases and smaller games as I adjust to the switch to unity and start programming classes but I will eventually get back to things and have plans to convert the old flash games to HTML5!)

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