Assassin Dollmaker

Quick and stealthy, this game theme is the assassin class! Create and dress up a character in outfits inspired by the rouge class characters in RPG games!

Thank you so much for being patient with this one! I was struggling financially these past weeks and had to take time off game making to do art commissions. Things have gotten a little better now though and I’m back to working on the games again. I hope you’ll like this one and please let me know if you find any bugs! 😊

This game is also available as an app for android (this is a part of the RPG Character Dollmakers app):

Updates (if you don’t see these changes, clear your cache! :)):

2020-12-17: Fixed an issue with the layer swap option for hair/coats(hoods) not working, now you can properly have the hair visible in front of the coats! Also fixed a minor menu bug.

Common issues:

Game gets stuck at an “are you sure” screen. Solution: Whitelist my website on your adblockers. (if you don’t want ads, you’re free to support me on patreon and access the ad free desktop version) 😊

36 thoughts on “Assassin Dollmaker”

  1. hey! I was reading some of the comments, I too am having issues running this game. Ive tried reloading and everything. Im in Firefox. I even tried in Incognito mode and it started to load but then disappeared. I hope this helps!

    1. After fiddling with my options this suddenly happened to me in firefox as well, weird how it worked at first but then this happened. I will look into it tomorrow, thank you for letting me know!

    2. Alright so I have a temporary solution, it’s an issue with firefox “Enhanced Tracking Protection”, under “privacy & security” I had to select “custom” rather than “standard” settings and uncheck the “Tracking content” box, then the game will work again.

      Of course unchecking “tracking content” sounds really scary and it’s understandable if that’s a solution you do not want to check, this is definitely related to the ad and it should be working despite that option so I will further look into this issue and see if I can find a solution, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  2. The game would not load for me. I allowed ads and pop-ups, but it didn’t help. I’m using Chrome on my laptop, and took a screenshot of the inspect elements page (mentioned on your ‘News and known issues’ page). I don’t know what the messages mean though, or if the issue is on your end or on mine. Any help is appreciated, as I would love to be able to play your game. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you for the screenshot, it really helps (don’t worry about not understanding the message, I don’t expect you to, but it may contain valuable information to me 😊)! This is odd, the issue is definitely related to the ads but I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what (gah, ads became so much more complicated with all the GDPR rules), even activating an adblocker wouldn’t recreate the issue you’re having. I assume you’ve already attempted reloading the page a few times?

      Sadly I don’t have a good answer to you yet but I will look further into this issue and hopefully find a solution soon!

      1. Alright I’ve gotten some clues already. Have you tried disabling the other extensions in your browser? Seems that this is a common issue with certain extensions in chrome. Alternatively try to load the page while in icognito mode! (I’d be happy if you let me know the result!)

        1. Wait… scratch that. Incognito mode works for a second, before automatically scrolling to the bottom of the page. When I manually scroll to the top, the game is gone again. :'( I’ve tried with third-party cookies blocked and with them enabled. Neither seem to help.

    1. Loaded in three seconds for me 🙂 Rather than giving a passive aggressive comment, you could actually give me proper info that will help me to help you. What device and browser are you using? Are you using any adblockers (this is the issue in 9/10 cases), where does the game get stuck? Is anything showing at all?

  3. I always fall in love with your games – thank you so much for giving me an outlet to take a break from studying! I’m glad to hear that your financial situation improved <3

  4. I’ve played every one of your character creators and am always satisfied. Each of your games has quite a nice variety of clothing, hair, facial features, etc. This game was just as enjoyable as the others :). For the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been checking for your Assassin Doll Maker and waiting for it to come out. I’m sorry for your previous financial issues and hope things continue to get better,
    Ariel <3

  5. staring the game, the window to overwrite progress pops up and will no go away. No buttons on the screen do anything, and it repeatedly says “saved!” over the camera button, over and over.

    1. I doubt it since the save function opens up a snapshot of the photo in a new window. Can you please explain your issue further? Is the game stuck at an “are you sure?” window? In that case, disable adblockers. If not then please explain the issue further, it’s very hard for me to figure out what your problem is with such little information! 🙂

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