Cute Santa

Azaleasdolls have done it again with another gorgeous dress up game! Dress your character up in cute Christmas outfits to celebrate the holidays! 😍

3 thoughts on “Cute Santa”

    1. Please provide the information requested on the “news and known issues” page (also this specific game may take some time to load, depending on your internet connection you may just simply need to give it time):
      Exactly where you get stuck in the game (a screenshot is highly appreciated)
      What device and browser you are using
      If you’re using any adblockers (some run multiple adblockers without even being aware of it, so you may disable one but another is still running)
      Also this is optional but could get me some valuable information:
      If you’re on chrome, right click anywhere on the page and press “inspect elements”, press the “console” tab. If you have any yellow or red messages (aside from cookie messages), please let me know!

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