BFF Neon Fashion Dress Up

This is BFF neon fashion dress up! A game where you dress up five characters, princesses looking to try another kind of fashion, in this special neon fashion! The fashion can be described as loud, futuristic and very very colorful. The different characters have the same wardrobe (which has a decent amount of options available) so you can dress them all up the same like twinning besties, or you can give them unique looks! I bet if you’re a princess, formal dresses would get boring after a while. Even a proper princess needs to have some fun every once in a while, right!

The game is linear which means that you dress up one after the other. However, as you unlock each character, you can go back to edit a previously dressed up character as well. By the end the first three characters are presented together and the last two characters are presented together. The camera will capture what you see on the screen at the time, so you can save both groups by timing the camera shots (like being the photographer of the fashion show yourself)!

A neat fashion game from!


If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you. Please note that I did not create this game. I do not have access to the game files, I’m merely hosting it. I can’t fix bugs in this game. So any bug reports needs to be sent to the game owner instead of me!

Have fun playing around with this unique fashion in this BFF Neon Fashion dress up game! Feel free to share what you have created in the comment section below!

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