If you need to contact me then you can send an e-mail to [pastelkatto @] or comment on this page and I’ll get back to you ASAP! 🙂

If you want me to publish your dress up game, dollmaker or character creator game, I’d be happy to! However I usually only post bigger games, my users especially wants color options. I will however make exceptions for indie games and just overall very beautifully made games!

Best regards, Pastelkatto

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hello. I would like to suggest your demon creator game for the next game you upload to this site. It is one of my favorite games and I would really like to play it again. I understand that you are super busy with every other game you’ve made, and I don’t want my comment to add any pressure. I love all of your games, and I will undoubtedly keep playing them. Thank you for making your games available on your new website.

Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to play more of your games!!

Hello! What is your policy on posting creations users have made to other places, like Instagram or other social media sites and if we can, how would we credit you? Is just the name enough, website link? I know we have to have to have the pastelkatto or missangest thing our pictures. Thanks! You make lovely games and I have enjoyed them for years now!

These are so gorgeous, keep doing it! I absolutely love these, and I will be looking forward to more! Your style of art is so pretty, and I love playing these. There’s just such a wide variety of everything that we can create anyone/thing with!!! <3

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Could you redo the superhero and villain creator please?( I loved it on missangest games and have been trying to find ways to access it without any luck.

Hi I just wanted to ask why I can’t past comments with pictures anywhere. IDK what the problem is it says its working on it and the loading thing at the top corner of the site and it moves but even waiting forever it never gets anywhere or mentions anything about posted or waiting to be approved. Even after refreshing to see if it was just the fact it needed to be refreshed I still didn’t see it posted or waiting. I was just wondering why this would be a problem? Comments work otherwise and I can see that others aren’t having problems posting with pictures attached but I am I have for awhile but I just shrugged it off since regular just word comments work just fine.

Do you allow use of created avatars on your apps commercially

can you make a male super hero game

When is the next game coming out? And can you add a section for upcoming games and their release date?

How about steven universe There are some steven universe games but they are not good

Can you make an avatar maker for my little pony

Hi! Are you planning on moving the superhero or supervillain game over here? Just personal curiosity, as it was one of my favorites.

hi! where can we get updates for games you’re publishing? do you have any social media or an email list or anything?

Could you possibly make a character creator for more masc/male/flat chest characters? Rinmaru used to have a bunch of them and I’ve been trolling on the internet for days looking for a male character creator and can’t find anyone. Your tom boy one is the closest I’ve found, but you can still clearly see the round shape of the boobs under the clothes. I would love a flat chested version of that game.

Hey I just wanted to make a request to at least be considered. I would like to see the Gemsona maker on here if that would be possible. Just at least think about it if only for a second.

Hi there,
in you old website you have a cool star wars character creator
i know is flash based, but i have a standalone player and i really need it
for an RPG game at my home with my friend
there is a way to have an old version and save our night fun?


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