Curious Cat Creator

Create your own domestic cat character with my Curious Cat Creator game! Exploring the wilderness or curiously looking out the window from the comfort of a home. Maybe with some more magical traits?

Please note: This is a WebGL game, on desktop it should run smoothly. On mobile however the images can look blurry/pixelated and it may run poorly depending on your device. If there’s any way that I can improve this in the future, I will!

App for android (this is included in the Fantasy Character Creator app):

Ad free desktop app (only available for supporting patrons)(this is included in the Fantasy Character Creator app):

It’s finally done, I know it has taken AGES! It’s also very different from my usual games. I didn’t know how much I’d be able to achieve with Unity. Once I realised I’d be able to keep up the same standard as before, I asked my patrons wether to still go ahead with this smaller game or not and it was voted to go ahead with this game anyway. Normal games will resume now that I know how to develop with Unity!

Some pages looks a bit empty. I changed the layout when all graphics for this was already done. Rather than going back to create items to fill each page, I opted for simply finishing this game so I can get it out and get back to the regular game making schedule.

Updates (if you don’t see these updates in game, clear your cache!):

2022-07-01: The download bug has been fixed! You can now download the PNG of the creation instead of getting a weird text file.

2021-08-26: Okay I’m 99% sure I’ve fixed the crashing issue completely now! Please do let me know if the game still crashes for you though (and what you were trying to do when it crashed, it’ll help me to know where in the code to look for the issue).

2021-08-25: Fixed the bugs in the menus for eyebrows, background extras and backgrounds!
I also went ahead and made the head, ears and tails gain the same base color as the body. I left it the way it was intentionally due to a code issue, but I found a decent workaround so now you won’t have to spend a bunch of time color matching these items!

If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you.

I can’t wait to see the cute little cats you create with my Curious Cat Creator game!

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This is is my Deaf WindClan oc, Larchfire, when she and her Siblings were 4 weeks old along with some other Kittens from different litters their Parents died. Eventually she and her Siblings found their way into Wind Clan while the others found their way into SkyClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. Then one day she met her Mate, Nightshade, they instantly fell in love and became Mates. Larchfire ended up carrying 4 Kits. But all of a sudden everyone expect for Larchfire heard a group of 6 Kits whimpering about their Parents. THEY HAD BEEN KILLED!!!! Then all of a sudden the Leaders tell them they are getting exiled. Moonpatch and the others protest that they didn’t do it and they we’re having a walk way before this happened, however Leafstar, Bramblestar, Harestar, Squirrelstar and Mistystar don’t believe them. Larchfire, Moonpatch and other Cats get exiled. They couldn’t figure out what to do next. The next day….Everyone is hungry and they hadn’t eaten since they were exiled so the tom Cats go hunting while the exiled Queens stayed back in the abandoned Barn. The tom Cats return with enough Prey to fill up everyone’s Stomaches, Larchfire was so hungry she ate like a Wolf. After everyone was full they went to a small Creek near RiverClan to have a drink, and thankfully they get out of there just in time because they almost get spotted by RiverClan patrol. Another 2 weeks have passed since they we’re exiled, and they we’re still in the abandoned Barn, but then Nightfrost from RiverClan came up to them and told them that patrols from Skyclan, WindClan, ShadowClan, ThunderClan and RiverClan we’re looking for them! Everyone immediately begins to panic because they all think that the patrols are coming to attack them, Nightfrost then yells, “EVERYONE HIDE!!!!”. Larchfire hides in a safe dark Bush, Nightfrost hides in a secret room of the abandoned Barn then the entrance to it gets hidden with Hay, Moonpatch hides in a dark Tree while the others hide in the abandoned Farm House, those hiding in the Farm House closed and locked the doors behind them, then they secured and blocked off every entrance and closed the curtains, they we’re lucky that both the abandoned Barn and House we’re dark with the lights being off. They had hidden just in time because with no time to spare the patrols we’re in the area. First they went to the abandoned Farm House and checked the area. “That’s strange”, said Oakheart, “The door is locked”, Bluestar then says, “The two legs probably locked it behind them when they we’re ready to leave”. But for the framed exiled Cats there was no hiding since Rock was with the patrols. “The rest of them are hiding in here”, says Rock as he and Oakheart keep attempting to open the door. “GUYS, WE KNOW YOU’RE HIDING IN THERE, PLEASE COME OUT!”, yells Bluestar. When the patrols weren’t looking Larchfire and Moonpatch come out of their hiding spots and make a run for it. “GUYS, THAT’S MOONPATCH!!!!”, yells Rock. The other framed exiled Cats came out of their hiding spots as well and followed Moonpatch. While the pregnant Queens and others tom Cats managed to get across the road without trouble Moonpatch gets hit by a car! The others return to their Clans while Moonpatch’s Clan takes him back to ShadowClan and heals him. Mapleshade asks if they are okay and they say yes. Soon the Queens give birth to 4 Kits and then meanwhile Clawface gets exiled from ShadowClan.


Forest is friends with dogs


This is forest. His mate is Appleseed. He like to hike with Appleseed and his owners. He is in earth clan.

This is Smores. He’s a kittypet


Cool oc Smores. What is his family what’s his favorite things to do can you say more about him

This is Blue from Rainbow Friends as a kitten


And finally, Willowkit, known by twolegs as Patch.

CuriousCatCreator (2).png

This is Swiftmoon, one of their daughters.

CuriousCatCreator (2).png

This is Raven, Shadow’s mate.

CuriousCatCreator (2).png

This is my warriors oc, Shadowfern, or just Shadow. She and her sister were attacked when they were five moons old, and her sister was killed and her mother gravely injured her mother took her to Thunderclan, before she died, and Shadow became an apprentice. However, because of her hostile personality, none of the cats in the clan liked her. About halfway through her apprenticeship she was walking in the woods, and when she came back a queen was shrieking about her kits. They had been killed, and as she wasn’t well liked, she was blamed. Shadow was exiled and after walking for days, she came across a twoleg-place. There she met Raven, a black cat with pale amber eyes. Later Shadow finds out that the killer of the Thunderclan cats had been found, and they need help to defeat the cat and her group of rogues. After a bit of encouragement, Raven came with her to help Thunderclan, and he and Shadow lived together in Thunderclan for the rest of their lives, even though he never accepted a warriors name.

CuriousCatCreator (1).png
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I made myself!


This is Sunrise, she is a kittypet that nearly lost both her eyes in a fight but she is okay now, apart from the fact that she passed away a few days ago, RIP Sunrise ????????


Narinder of cult of the lamb

i shall name this one “angelica”


this is onyx

CuriousCatCreator (4).png

look at princess glitter sparkles

CuriousCatCreator (1).png

this is gismo frayas beloved brother


Ash, a Happy blind Cat. He can’t See But he’s Happy, he senses Beauty Every Time. Butterflies Kisses. He Smiles Because He senses the Beauty… The End.. i Hope you Liked the Story of a Happy Blind Cat. You too Can be Happy Going Though Hard Times…


Gosh, this game is amazing. I’m obsessed! Also this is Olive 🙂


This is Eggnog! He likes to wander around the streets or Paris,France 🙂


AppleMoon, my Warrior cat OC


this is Sheba a cat that looks like a dog

CuriousCatCreator (6).png

My OC (she-cat)
Destined to save her kingdom one day, Kitsenara still walks the forest to this day, waiting for her time to shine.

CuriousCatCreator (1).png

this is neon! i will make her with all of her emotions

????? ??????: ???
?????????: ??????? ?????
????? ??????: ❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎
????????? ??????: ?????
???? ????: ???????

“A true warrior battles not because he despises what is in front of him, but because he cherishes what is behind him …but I’ve lost everything.”

During the war between heaven and hell, Ahriman was a renowned fighter. He fought like a madman, using his fire-controlling abilities to win each conflict. Unfortunately, he was deceived by the one he had placed the most trust in. His left eyeballs were the price he paid for trust. Ahriman has lost trust in everyone.

Screen Shot 2566-01-24 at 01.40.08.png

this dog (yes i know its a cat creator) but he died when I was very little but I still miss him to this day

CuriousCatCreator (4).png

this is prince my kittypet/wc oc

CuriousCatCreator (1).png

this is the prince’s wife and kit. princess his wife and daughter fame
ps I’m the qoalienator but I changed my name

CuriousCatCreator (7).png

this is mallow just a cat


Wolf when shes is angry.

CuriousCatCreator (5).png

This is my oc, Wolf, as a cat. Wolf is a shape-shifting demon with more magical power than the rest of the world combined.

CuriousCatCreator (4).png

This is Shadow my creation.

CuriousCatCreator (1).png

This is Shadow’s brother Arluin.

CuriousCatCreator (2).png

This is Luna, she’s a stray cat

Screenshot 2022-12-13 11.17.28 AM.png

This is Honeybee (she-cat) my wc OC


nice oc this is mine ferntuft (she-cat) kit(greykit)

CuriousCatCreator (2).png

This is Luna the Moon Cat.

Screenshot (2364).png

This is Queen and her kitten, Princess.

Screenshot (2073).png

this is Jack

CuriousCatCreator (6).png

her name is Neon

CuriousCatCreator (5).png

i love this game!!!!! its the only one that’s not blocked by my school!

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soo same

i made a me

CuriousCatCreator (2).png

hi i hope you like my creation X3 her name is Neon

CuriousCatCreator (1).png

my warriors character




CuriousCatCreator (1).png

It’s telling me that the link is faulty and that the page dose not exist

you are welcome

I love the game, but whenever I try to download it says I just downloaded plain text. It never happened before. I have restarted the page, opened a new tab and tried on tat one, but nothing works. Please help.

????? Type:Fallen Guardian
Occupation: Amnesiac ????????
????? ??????: ❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎
????????? ??????: ❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎ (not at full power because of amnesia)
????: Migglewort Frostfire

An angel cat guardian from the moon who guarded the angel cat prince on the moon. There was a war, however, and Migglewort fell from the moon and into a frozen lake. They lost their memory and now sell things they find from the lake bottom.

miggleworm frostwart.PNG

ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ Oh hi Yabuking Thx for using my magical form! It is pretty interesting isn’t it? lol

????? ??????: ???
?????????: ????? ????????
????? ??????: ❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎
????????? ??????: ????
???? ????: ???????

She was a kind-hearted angel who was always covertly assisting others. Nobody knows what her true mission for coming to Earth is. She appears to be an angel that can’t help herself, but she actually holds a big secret that can shake all the angels. She gets along well with both humans and animals, but there was a reason she didn’t want to get too near to beings that may have been spawned by her missing left hind leg.

Screen Shot 2565-03-08 at 22.02.10.png

????? ??????: ???
?????????: ?????????
????? ??????: ❖︎❖︎
????????? ??????: ☠ ☠ ☠
???? ????: ?????????

A charming half-human angel who enjoys having fun. He’s frequently seen at parties and other entertainment venues. Despite his lazy, sleazy, untrustworthy personality. He was, nonetheless, a guy with a tumultuous background. It was previously stated that he was not like this. He was one of the few angels who sided with the people.

Screen Shot 2565-03-08 at 21.41.30.png

????? ??????: ???
?????????: ??? ?????♛
????? ??????: ❖︎❖︎❖︎❖︎
????????? ??????: ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠
???? ????: :̸̪͈͖̥͖͙͈̝̆̋ ̵̨͇̹̩̮̻̝̝̆́́̍̑̆̕̕Á̸̩͉̭̞̰̰͖̟͆̾̒̓͝z̸̠̺̦̠̿͒́͑̏̏a̵̘̼͍͙̓̾̂̀͌͝z̷̢̢̧͇̩͇̼̳͒͌͗̽͒e̵̦͖̙̿͋̅̓͊͗͘l̵̛̥͍͎͉̥̮̦̞͔̿͛̓̀͊̀̚͜͝

?? ????? ???? ? ????? ??????. ?? ?? ?????????? ?? ????? ?? ? ??????? ?? ?????? ? ????-???? ??????????. ?? ??? ?????? ????? ???? ?? ??????, ??? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ??????????????? ???????? ??????.

Screen Shot 2565-03-08 at 18.39.12.png

This is Robert, a cat who loves singing and dancing.


The story of Munchkin the blind cat ?‍⬛.
Munchkin is a blind cat so he can’t see anything at all!
He lives in a log that’s hollow.
He went into the big city to find food because he lived on raw tuna.
In the city he found a abandoned grey jumper and put it on immediately because he was gonna freeze!
I’m gonna post a pic of he’s sister soon
There still looking for a someone to adopt them.
If you see a cat that looks like this please adopt them!


Here’s the sister Menchkin. She’s also blind ?


aww 🙂

My old account was fun but I lost my iPod so I had to stop making things but I’m back again!

🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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