Dragon Girl Creator

Create and dress up an anthro dragon character! Along with the regular body, hair and clothing/accessory options, you can also add wings, horns and tails to this one! 😀

App for android (this is included in the Fantasy Dollmakers app): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.MissangestFantasyDollmakers

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here is mine she is a fire dragon she is a royal


the game doesnt load for me (Microsoft Edge/Pale Moon Browser).
At Edge it doesnt load and on Pale Moon it doesnt want to play the add.
Did anyone else encounter that problem?

i tried it on firefox, it works here so yea 🙂
Thanks anyway

╮(─▽─)╭ Well anyway ~ here is another one “Red Dragon” huhu


ಥ_ಥ Is it just me but the game loading is very slowwww!! Like each item needs about 3 second to be complete loading and takes more than that for changing colour. Well maybe it’s all just because my labtop is too old ●︿● lol

Anyway the game is very fun to play and I eventually create this “Blue Ice Dragon” huhu ★~(◠︿◕✿)
She is very cold and cool!


ಥ‿ಥ Huuu You must have been work very hard on that issue ! I understand ! The game so far is amazing and your art style always my favourite. Thank you so much for letting me know! I will always support your website and play your game! Love!

A wee bit of constructive criticism for y’all: the way that the shirts are layered in this as always being over the pants/skirts is slightly annoying as some of the bottoms don’t fit correctly under the some of the shirts – the long skirt with the ribbony pattern and the t-shirt like tunic with a similar detailing around the neck and sleeves being one of them.
I do however LOVE all your games, this one included. I have been using them for several years to make avatars of my OCs, and get inspiration for writing. 💗

That is 100% understandable. I just figured that the feedback could be of use in the future creation of games. 😊

Best of luck in the future! 💗

How do I change the color of the second eye?

Is anyone else having problems coloring the lips and one of the eyes?

I have not played but am sure I will like it

would be nice if there was neck fluff option for the avatar, or feather wings too