Fairy of Seasons Maker

Create a fairy with outfits made from nature, representing summer, fall, winter and spring in this fairy of seasons maker game! You can combine an outfit of the differently themed items or stick to one theme.

Game from Azaleasdolls.com. I’m so glad Azalea is hanging in there, providing us with these beautiful games!

The customization options available in this game are: Skincolor, lip color, eye color, freckles, full hairstyle, bangs (hairstyles can be combined with these or be on their own), bottomwear, topwear, dresses (replaces bottomwear and topwear), stockings, legwarmers, shoes, shoe accessories, three separate waist accessories, torso accessories, wings, horns, two separate hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, a range of individual accessory options and a few background options.

If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you. Please note that I did not create this game, I do not have access to the game files, I’m merely hosting it. I can’t fix bugs in this game. However I do know the one who commissioned/developed the game so you can send your bug report to me. I’ll pass it on to the commissioner/developer! Just keep in mind that I can’t guarantee when or if it will be fixed.

Have fun with this fairy of seasons maker game! Feel free to post your creations from this game in the comment section below!

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Lilibeth a Fall Forage Fairy ! 🙂


look so good!!

this is kanyah she is the pink rose petal goddess, and she loves to help people!

Web capture_24-4-2023_16849_.jpeg

oh my gawh… i was tryna make poetry down here for my ocs. i was buggin
(k, but you gotta admit, colette looks so pretty)

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Here’s mine, her name is Hunter and she is a Squirrel Guardian and part-time butterfly!

download (6).png

My little sister made a Snow Ballerina named Summer Butterfly???? but she looks alright…

download (5).png

This is Nevada (Her name is in Spanish so it means snowy because she is as blue as the sky and white as the snow)

Web capture_29-3-2023_8522_.jpeg

I tried to make her emo or goth yeah It didn’t go as planned

Screenshot 2023-02-13 3.47.23 PM.png

Can you rate each of these 4 fairies? (High Score: 50/50)

Queen Blaire of Winter

Screenshot 2023-01-17 1.01.45 PM.png

Queen Briar of Autumn

Screenshot 2023-01-17 12.58.47 PM.png

Queen Stella of Summer

Screenshot 2023-01-17 12.54.10 PM.png

Queen Leslie of Spring

Screenshot 2023-01-17 12.47.46 PM.png

(Dang it, forgot the image!)

aaand summer.png

And Lady Colette of the sun, waves and clouds and otherwise fun.

Lady Bora of the sleet, dropping snowflakes to our feet.


Lady Lyssa of fragrant flowers, also bringing sprinkling showers.


Lady Monique of leaves coming down, scattering them on the ground


Artemis Valencran, is named after the goddess of animals. After being cast out for wanting to be an autumn fairy, she became a vigilante and royal guard for the Authentix, the council of the animals, and the personal guard for Queen Artemis goddess of animals and queen of Autumn.


They were cast out for being a Moth Fairy to Butterfly Fairy parents, left to sit on a rock, exposed, vulnerable, out in the middle of the woods. A fox adopted them, as its children had been killed by hunters, and she lived happily there until hunters killed that fox to, and accidentally shot her with an arrow too.

download (8).png

Sparrow. They were constantly teased for being born with wings, so they tried to illegally immigrate from The Autumn Territories to The Spring Kingdom. However, King Strongbranch held the throne and kicked them out to The Summer Queendom. The queen there, who was just as cruel, exiled them to The Winter Forests. They spent the rest of their days in the miserable cold until The Snow Snow Spirit, feeling sorry for them, put them out of their misery.

download (7).png


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Blossomleaf, not Blossomheart.

Their name is Princess Blossomleaf, and although they look pretty, they are a ruthless killer. They were secretly trained as an assassin for a conspiracy, murdering innocent fairies simply because they believe in Queen Flowerheart returning and kicking King Strongbranch of the throne. King Strongbranch in Blossomleaf’s father, and they think he is a good ruler. He is not. He takes all that his kingdom harvests and uses to pay for palaces for him and Blossomheart.

download (6).png

This is The Snow Spirit. They are the ghost of the most legendary Winter Fairy ever to be born, and a spectacular sorceress, maybe even the best. Exiled for practicing magic, an art reserved for royalty and royalty only, they were killed by a group of agitated orcs, and their ghost forevermore shall steal the lives of unwary travelers.

download (5).png


Screenshot (2263).png


Screenshot (2262).png


Screenshot (2261).png


Screenshot (2260).png

I did a winter/snow fairy

download (17).png

Sylver, a fairy born on the day between winter and spring. Facing discrimination for not belonging completely to either kingdom, she embarks on a treacherous journey to find a mystical flower that blooms on the inside of a hell fire volcano with only her wits, for this flower is able to show one their true self.

This is Leaf, the 5th Autumn Princess. She is known for her cooking, especially with pinecones and acorns. (I still question her use of a pumpkin as a hat.)

Middle fall princes.png

do u know how to put pictures on here?

Summer Princess Sunny.


Winter Princess Holly. She falls in love with Summer Princess Sunny. But, their love is forbidden. What happens when everyone else finds out?

Ice Princess Snowflower.png

Pinecone, the 7th Autumm princess. (They don’t use titles)

7th Atumum princess.png

The Grace of The Flowers, Blossom: The 3rd Spring Princess

3rd Spring princess.png


Ice princess 1.png

This is the first fairy Ice princess, the crown princess and heir to the Winter Thron. Her Wintery Glory, Snowdrop. (Yes, that is her title)

She is an autumn fairy (aki)


Her name is Cherry Blossom, Because her power is to make cherry blossoms bloom ^^

Fairy of Sakura.png

What about my creation she is snow fairy and her name is Ivy! >.<

download (2).png

What about my creation she is snow fairy and her name is Ivy! >.<

I named her Sakura Bcuz she’s favorite colour is Pink! >-<

download (1)k.png

Winter Fairy.

snow  queen.png

My second fairy is winter

This is Lilly,the spring fairy. Her gift is making leaves and flowers bloom!


I made a season series….. This is Freya, the Winter fairy. She can be a little cold but really loves her sisters.

Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 4.25.56 PM.png

This is Holly! 🙂



Screenshot 2021-08-20 4.03.31 PM.png

and this is my last fourth fairy. her name is sunflower and she’s a summer fairy. let me know which one that I made is your favorite. mine is autumn

Екранна снимка (221).png



so this is pollen a spring fairy. she’s my third one

Екранна снимка (220).png

this is my second fairy her name is snow and she’s a winter fairy.

Екранна снимка (219).png
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