Fairy Talents

Create and dress up a fairy in a bunch of beautiful items with the themes flowers, water, light, snowflakes, animal care, and gems! You can mix items from the different themes up! You change the background by going into the different categories and leave the background you want on last before saving 😁

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her name is ensley and she wanted to be a flower fairy but she ended as an animal fairy.

Екранна снимка (205).png

I did one for every category 😅
This one’s my favorite

download (13).png

❄️ Snow Queen ❄️

She’s very cold and emotionless,
hope someday she will be happy again.

Screen Shot 2564-06-08 at 4.21.03 AM.png

The game isn’t loading for me. I’ve refreshed the page and have AdBlock off. It’s stuck on a white screen. I’m on chrome and using a laptop.

Screenshot (55).png

So it’s the next day for me and it loaded. It was taking a long time to load yesterday so maybe it was something on my end. But thanks for your help. 🙂

This is my alter ego fairy.

download (34).png

Here’s my character ^^
It’s a neat game, wish it had more stuff but still.


Here’s my creation, now that I’ve had my oh duh moment.


Pretty darn cute and oh man I’d totally wear the vast majority of these outfits. I hope Azalea adds more to this.


It’s a cute game but I wish you could change the hair/hair color