Kawaii Fairy Dress Up

Create and dress up a fairy flying around the flowery fields in this kawaii fairy creator game! Use the topwears and bottomwears to create a dress or a pretty two piece outfit. Pick between a range of fairy wings and give them a magical power!

Game from kawaiigames.net! The style is more towards realism with the proportions and I love seeing kawaiigames style progression. ?

If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you. Please note that I did not create this game, I do not have access to the game files, I’m merely hosting it. I can’t fix bugs in this game. However I do know the one who commissioned/developed the game so you can send your bug report to me. I’ll pass it on to the commissioner/developer! Just keep in mind that I can’t guarantee when or if it will be fixed. ?

Have fun with this kawaii fairy creator game!

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i made Tinker Bell. Want me to make her friends?

Screenshot (2942).png

Here’s Silvermist

Screenshot (2945).png

And Rosetta

Screenshot (2947).png

And Iridessa

Screenshot (2946).png

And Fawn

Screenshot (2948).png

And Vidia

Screenshot (2949).png

An OC mine.


It took so long to load.

Screenshot 2022-05-15 8.18.46 AM.png

looks like Ariel a bit.


Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 13-39-54 Kawaii Fairy Dress Up - Pastelkatto Games.png

About as nice as she looks.

Coming for you.png