Kuromi Maker

Kuromi Maker is a cute little game where you can create your own version of Kuromi from the Hello Kitty world! Create and dress up your cartoon rabbit in a range of different clothes and accessories. For the body you can pick the fur color, faces, tails and wings. For clothes and accessories you can pick different hats, outfits (topwears and bottomwears already combined), neckwear, headwear and hand items. There’s also some really cute backgrounds you can pick from. A wide range of colors available for most items. You can make the original Kuromi or make your own character based on Kuromi’s characteristics! Fairly simple game but very cute!

The color selection is in each item section, so to color the hats, go to the last page of the hats! Both clear and randomizer buttons are available on every page (the randomizer does not affect fur color though). When you’re done, press the big checkmark (if you don’t see it, apply more items and it should appear) and it will take you to the next page where you can download your creation and go back to the game to edit your current creation or start over again!

Neat game from egirlgames.net!


If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you. Please note that I did not create this game. I do not have access to the game files, I’m merely hosting it. I can’t fix bugs in this game. So any bug reports needs to be sent to the game owner instead of me!

Have fun playing around with this Kuromi Maker game! Feel free to share what you have created in the comment section below!

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