Mermaid Dollmaker

A remake of one of my oldest dress up games! It’s pretty much an entirely different game but with the same theme 🙂

App for android (this is included in the Fantasy Dollmakers app):

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I made Sue (from Captain Kraken And His Crew) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


two sirens from a dream i had (the brown haired one is me and the blonde was my best friend)

Screenshot 2021-07-06 11.42.22 PM.png



So I’ve made three poison mermaids so far, and this is Sara, a shy girl with a talent for fashion. Now for a bit of background on poison mermaids. Poison mermaids live in tropical waters, or in saltwater lakes. Their personalities are usually cheeky or sarcastic, with timidity being a rare trait. They are known for their poison, hence the name, which varies merperson to merperson, as they may simply have poisonous scales, or something as complex as venomous saliva. Poison mermaids are recognisable for their bright colours and eyes with no pupils. If you’ve read this far, thanks! And good vibes to all!


Back once more! This is another poison mermaid, her Name is Darla, but she does her best to defy her name, with childish pranks and a careless attitude. Most read her as lazy, but she has a very honourable soul underneath her outer layers. Good vibes to all!


Hey guys! So I made this Mermaid, her name is Polly, and she is a poison mermaid, with a happy attitude, but her temper flares up at the most unfortunate times. Sorry if my creation isn’t as good as everyone else’s. Good vibes to all!




This is Queen Coral, Queen of the Atlantic Ocean.

download (7).png

This is Fera Limestone. Great game! honestly don’t know what happen to the ones from before but uhh yeah. Great game! love the custom colors and background things.

download (3).png

This is Stella Octostar.

download (4).png


Her name is Stella Octostar. She is from a light tribe. BUT unlike the other light tribe she is from a light witch tribe. She is an octomaid not a squidmaid or mermaid. She is also powerful despite being a peasant.
FUN FACTS! Octo-people are born with the power of the sea. Their powers can rival with power of royals. Royal octo-people are even more power than normal octo-people and royals of outside kingdoms. Luckily though no royal Octo-people have been evil but one (there dead tho). Rarely, though, every few thousand years a peasant octomaid will give birth to a very powerful octo-person but they can not be identified until their powers are awakened or they have been found out through the chosen mark. (not every powerful octo-person have the chosen mark)
So Stella Octostar is a peasant who lives in Octaviana with her mother in a rocky village with a coral kingdom nearby. (So they basically live on the outskirts of the kingdom)
Their kingdom is also known as “The Oceans Spiders of Magic.”
Stella Octostar sees the people of the dark tribes as strange merfolks because of their actions, looks, and stories of the dark tribes. Though she can’t say forsure if they are evil or not she sees them as kind hearted people. She has never gone to the dark levels of the sea but has been to the middle level to meet and bond with her cousins that live there. While in the middle levels she has seen dark level tribes meet and talk to each other. Stella has heard (and the voices of the princesses) of Princess Fera and Princess Coral but has never seen them in person. She dreams of a day were she can finally meet them even though see is a peasant.
Her nature is that ‘If they need help then help. If not then let them be and don’t interfere.’ She is a shy kind girl, can be a bit nerdy, and is a big magic sucker. Her magic deals with the ocean water like all octo-people but she can control plants (like the royals of other kingdoms) and her only difference from her people is the fact that she can bring stars down and bring the dead back for a few days. (+ most octo-people can change color or shape depending on where they are from.) [ oh. I made this into a character bio]

Her name is Fera Limestone. She is a dark tribe mermaid princess but unlike the stories of the dark tribe mermaids she and her other tribes are actually kind hearted merforks who are misunderstood. Her nature is that ‘if others play rough with you you play rough back.’ She is very outgoing & due to the fact she has never met any other merfolks from the lighter layers she tends to wonder how they are like. Lives in the darkest levels of the ocean and in a big cavern that has glowing crystals that light up the entire trench in rainbows. Their kingdom is known as the “The Dark kingdom with dancing fairies.” She tend to try to make friends but everyone knows her as one of the dark princesses (If they are from the tribes of the lighter kingdoms) BUT within the dark Cavern kingdom is known as Child Walker Fera (due to her tomboyish childlike manners) and to other dark/ light tribes (of royalties) is known as Princess Fera or Princess Limestone.

download (3).png



(๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧ Awww ~ Mermaid ✧✧✧ So cuteee. I feel like I’m spending all of my holiday making a doll on your website lol. Love this game! This is a dark mermaid who lives under the very deep sea! She looks scary but actually a very lonely one! (つд`)

ภาพหน้าจอ 2564-03-15 เวลา 09.05.17.png

She looks like a lonely ghost


I love this game! I like that theres is an option for shark tail, but I’d like shark fins too. The artstyle is amazing and I love all the options there is!
If you can I’d also like more background options, thanks for all these amazing games!

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