Nature Spirit Creator

Create a character who’s one with nature. Maybe she looks more like a human or the body is morphing into a plant?

App for android (this is included in the Fantasy Dollmakers app):

Updates (if you don’t see these changes, clear your cache! :)):

2020-11-03: Fixed the bug causing the second eyebrow option to be the same as the first. Also fixed the bug causing the patreon item page to not work properly!

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an nymph oc of mine turning into a tree to hide from evil nymphs

Screenshot 2021-07-01 11.43.12 PM.png


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Hi, I decided to make an oc for this absolutely gorgeous game. So here’s Ginger, the spirit embodiment of the ginger plant. She is moody, with a quick temper, but once she’s warmed up to you, you have a loyal friend for life


Tree guardian? I wouldn’t anger this one.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 8.27.01 PM.png

She has a sister named Fern, who represents Spring. Evergreen represents Winter. She feels tired and dry during spring because of the heat.


This is a very cool game! (^v^) I like it so much that every time I go and comment my character I end up making a bio for them on the spot! (!?o-o) I need to stop that. (T^T) Any ways I love this game and keep up the good work!

Her name is Litta FrostStorm. She is a green half frost forest spirit. Her people are usually a green, blue, pink, yellow, and/or brown shade of a forest/frost/fire/flower/water spirit. Depending on where and when you are born determines your duty/job to the forest. Types of spirits:
Frost: blue shade skin tone; frost and/or ice powers; live in the cold areas of the forest; and they are usually distant people. [IDK how to describe any of their clothing (T^T)]
Forest: green or brown shade of skin tone; earth, talking to animals, and/or growing powers; live in the common areas of the forest with the flower spirits; and they are outgoing and normal people.
Flower: pink/ yellow/ green skin tone; growing, sleeping and/or healing powers; live in common areas of the forest; and are caring and shy people.
Fire: brown/ yellow/ a bit red shade of skin tones; fire and/or sun/light manipulation powers; live in hot areas of the forest (rocky areas) + they live near the forest/flower and water people; and they are outgoing proud adventurous type of people.
Water: blue/ green shade of skin tone; water and/or ice powers; live in common water areas of the forest (rocky/soft river beds and/or creeks areas are more preferred places) + seen near the rest of the spirits (all rounders); and they are carefree and emotional going people.(they get along with everyone) [Halflings are unknown they can/could be anything so they usually end up being a combo of the types with a special elemental move]
She destroys all those who dare to destroy her home (The forest) & the people who live there with her. Her quote is “Never turn a blind eye on anyone (unless they are bad) for they might come back and turn a blind eye on you when your in trouble!” She is about 15 thousand years old. She ages very very slowly so to her she is 15 years old while to those who age faster sees her as an ancient 15 year old. This is her mostly seen in clothing. (everyday clothing) She is mostly outgoing but like the cold she is a bit distant at first. Her powers are frost, freeze, grow, and wither.Perk: talking to animals. Her most powerful power is enchanted blue rose. This move allows her to freeze her enemy and living things around her. The only time she uses this though is when she really needs to use it. (like a last restore) Her skin and hair is a shade of green while her eyes are a light shade of cyan. She also has brown horns on top of her head. Her necklace was given to her parents who disappeared when she was born. She has a birthmark on her that looks like vines and this is very common to the forest people but is rare on a half frost and forest spirit. “If a half frost and forest spirit have this that must means that they have an unlikely future ahead.” But that is what the superstitious forest people say. [It actually means that they are very powerful nature users.] [oops I made this into another bio (O-O)]

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I made a representation of juniper from Percy Jackson


Oof i didnt do much

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I was messing around, trying out the controls...but…why does she look like she’s about to kill anyone who dares to litter in her forest?


(●´ω`●) This game aesthetic is very COOL! This one is my dark nymph, I really love when green and black are together huhu *:・゚✧ She lives in the abyss of darkness, she’s almost blind, but she can hear very well. Always waiting for the light to shine one her once a year.

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i made one too


So I made Demeter in both her god form. here she is.

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 2.04.49 PM.png
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