This page will NOT include information about the current game developing progress. That’s a perk limited to patreon supporters. If you want and can, you’re free to support me on patreon ( and get weekly updates on how much progress is being made with the upcoming games! 🙂

If you have issues with the games, go through this BEFORE you contact me:

(I will not publish any comments with bug reports not following these steps anymore)

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Disable any adblockers (some run multiple without knowing it, double check! If you want ad free games, feel free to support me on patreon and gain access to the ad free desktop apps :))

If the game still doesn’t work, please provide the following information in your bug report:

  • Exactly where you get stuck in the game (a screenshot is highly appreciated)
  • What device and browser you are using
  • Also this is optional but could get me some valuable information:
    If you’re on chrome, right click anywhere on the page and press “inspect elements”, press the “console” tab. If you have any red messages, please let me know!

2021-07-17 – The Witch Dollmaker has been updated with a new UI!

I was made aware of that my color selection wasn’t very intuitive and as annoying as it is to realise I got more work to do… Hey, it was true 😂 So I decided to see what I could do to make it easier. What I chose to do was removing the color menu, removing the five main menus and instead give each items their own page and button in the menu. Now rather than selecting a menu, you’ll select the items directly through the main menu and the item which page you’re on, is the item the color palette will apply to. So you no longer have to think about selecting the colors manually and this also allowed for a slightly simpler design of the UI which I like!

Additional pros of this change is more flexibility regarding the type and amount of items I add in future games and it allows more room for certain items in the menu!

You can go ahead and play the updated game here: (if you don’t see the new UI, you need to clear your cache and refresh the page!)

2021-06-11 – DollDivine’s Witch Doctor game has been updated!

Normally I don’t post updates of existing games, but DollDivine added drag and drop items to the Witch Doctor and I really wanted the new version to be available to you on my website as well so I got the updated version! 😀 You can play the game here:

2021-05-14 – Problem with games not displayed properly on mobile (solved!)

SOLVED: Ad company got this fixed for me super fast, now everything should display nicely on mobile again 😁

UPDATE: I can now see that the problem is NOT the games, it’s the ad that’s misplaced and they will hide the games until the ad has been played (so if you can manage to touch the ad to let it play, the game will eventually appear in the proper place). I am contacting my ad company for help on this!

I am aware of the issue with the games not displaying properly on mobile, I’m trying to find a solution but please bear in mind that this may take a while! Until then, if possible use a desktop browser! 😊

2021-05-14 – The Witch Dollmaker have been updated!

I have now finished remaking the Witch Dollmaker in Unity (I will not do this with my old games, I just used my latest game while learning) and you can play the updated game here:

You can read more about what’s new in the description of the game, but remember that it’s WebGL and not supported by all browsers (but should be by all of the main browsers) 😊

2021-05-05 – New game page layout (desktop)

When I created this website I had issues with the sidebar messing up the size of the games, so I decided to remove it from the game pages until I had solved that issue. Good news, it has now been solved! The game sizes are now responsive to the layout and games that has a responsive design can make use of the entire game area! Smaller games will simply display at their full size. So even with the sidebar on the game pages, the games will still be displayed at full size (some are actually bigger now 😁).

This is a step in me preparing for my future HTML5 games being responsive! Mobile devices shouldn’t see a difference. If you find any issues, do let me know and I’ll look into it ASAP!

2021-03-02 – Problems with Azaleas games (resolved)

Update: The games seem to work just fine now! 😀

There seems to be issues with all games from Azaleasdolls right now, the issue also happens on their website so this is sadly something that I can’t do anything about. I’m sure they will have it resolved soon, just be patient and know that this is a known issue! 😊

2021-02-06 – Games not showing on mobile devices (SOLVED)

Update: This issue should now be solved! Sorry about it taking so long! If you’re still having issues on mobile devices, please let me know (and include what device + browser you are using) 😊

I also found some more blocked games in the process and removed them (again, this is due to an ad company suddenly blocking all games with thier ads on other websites than their connected website and I’m not adding my new website to them for good reasons).

I am aware of this issue and I’m trying to solve it. Just know that it may take some time, it’s a very tricky issue but I’m working as hard as I can to resolve it!

2021-02-02 – All games misplaced (SOLVED!)

All games should now display properly on this website! I’m sorry for the inconvenience this issue caused.

I actually still don’t know why it happened, I tried and tried to look for the issue. Eventually I decided to go to sleep and try again in the morning, by the morning the issue had resolved itself. Super strange but hey, at least now it works!

2021-01-29 – Comment section update! (all old comments wiped)

I decided to switch method of how I handle comments on this website, in this change all uploaded images became broken. Rather than looking through every single comment on this website and removing the specific broken comments I decided to wipe everything off and start with a clean slate. Feel free to reupload any creations you have! This new comment form helps me to clarify some of the terms regarding commenting, I often have issues with people not reading the section about comments needing approval and I have to remove spam om the daily. Now it explains this in the comment form so you can easily see it! 😊

And if anyone is wondering: All comments needs to be manually approved as I had issues with offensive content being posted on my old website. I want to make sure nothing bypasses my spam filter so everything needs to be approved by a human before it shows up. Comments are checked at least once daily (usually more often), so please be patient, your comment will eventually show up!

2021-01-16 – Some games have been blocked on my website (please let me know if you find any!)

I’ve been having issues with one ad company blocking some of the games containing their ads on websites that aren’t connected with them. I think I have removed all of them now but I may have missed some, please let me know if you find any and I will get them removed ASAP! (sadly there’s nothing we can do about that issue, I have dropped that company for reasons and will not get back with them just to have access to these specific games, even though I really like some of them 🙁)

2020-12-17 – Three games have had bug fixes!

Assassin Dollmaker: Fixed an issue with the layer swap option for hair/coats(hoods) not working, now you can properly have the hair visible in front of the coats! Also fixed a minor menu bug.

Monster Girl Dollmaker: Fixed an issue with the wrong icon being shown for the skin/body options. Also a slight performance improvement.

Cat Adventurer Dollmaker: Fixed an issue with one eyebrow option not working!

Thank you for reporting these issues to me! Sometimes when there’s minor bugs that requires me to fix the graphics (and not just code) I will bundle them up and fix several at once since it’s a bit of a hassle republishing the entire game and optimizing all graphics. But I do write the reports down and will get to it eventually! 😊

2020-11-13 – Games not showing on Firefox (still trying to find a permanent solution)

There is a temporary solution for this issue. Go to Options > Privacy & Security, select “Custom” for the Enhanced Tracking Protection and uncheck the box “Tracking Content” (you can still leave everything else checked). This will make the games appear again. However I am trying to find a permanent solution from my end.

I’ve been able to isolate the issue to quantcast which I use for my cookie consent solution (something I’m required to have by law). However that’s where I’m stuck at the moment. Again, I’m required to have a solution like this by law so I can’t remove it. I’m hoping to be able to find something in the settings that will solve this by so far I’m out of luck. Just know that I have not given up but it may take time for me to solve this on my end! Until then you have either the solution above or you could use another browser!

2020-11-03 – Fixed two bugs in the Nature Spirit Creator

Fixed two bugs in the eyebrow section and patreon section! You can play the game here:

2020-11-01 – Rose Quartz and Mabel dollmakers removed for now

I’m actually quite pissed about this. I made these games with kawaiigames, so we own these games. But the ad company has pulled some crap and I can’t have the games on my new website (so this is NOT kawaiigames fault, it’s the ad company), instead it urges you to go to some other website to play it (and it won’t even bring you to the game, doesn’t seem like the website even has those games). I have already dropped this ad company but because those games were made in collaboration, it’s not an easy fix. Thankfully you can play both games over at, maybe one day I’ll go through the effort of getting them functioning on my website, but for now my best advice is to play them over at kawaiigames.

The Rose Quartz game:
The Mabel game:

I’m sorry about this inconvenience!

2020-10-30 – Fixed minor bug in the Monster Girl Dollmaker

The save function would include parts of the menu, this has now been fixed!

2020-09-24 – Issues with games being very small fixed

Me and my ad company tried to implement new ads on the website, however these caused the games to be sized down severly. These ads have now been removed until they can be implemented without interfering with the game sizes 🙂

2020-09-12 – Consent form bug (update: Issue seem to be resolved now!)

I’m currently having issues with my cookie consent form showing up on every page regardless of what choice you put in. I’m working hard on figuring out a solution right now!

2020-08-01 – Fixed a bug in all exclusive games

When implementing the in game ads in the HTML5 games (sadly patreon support did not cover the big revenue loss, I have to implement them again), I wrote a mistake in the code, causing all games to get stuck upon startup. This has been fixed now, if the games still gets stuck, clear your cache and the updated game should show up!

2020-07-20 – Fixed a bug in the Science Fantasy game

Fixed an issue with the main buttons not working in the Science Fantasy Dollmaker:

2020-07-14 – Next game release delayed

Just wanted to let you know that the assassin game will be a bit delayed. Last month was rough financially and I’ve had to work on a lot of art commissions to make up for it. I have not forgotten about the game, I’m working on it whenever I got some time to spare and hopefully things will turn around soon so I can return to my regular game making schedule! 🙂

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I am on a laptop and cannot play Witch Dollmaker.

Capture E.PNG

hello I was wondering if you could help ola from dolldivine turn mega anime couples and more importantly sailor senshi maker 3 to html so that fans like me can play them again?

i can’t download anything on a chromebook so that’s why i asked. i’ll ask ola if she is willing to work with youon those three games

Not to be mean but they aren’t the only one. I know plenty of personal friends who say that they miss having the old games and there’s a good portion of players who have chromebooks which means we can barely download anything and I know that’s not your fault. I think that’s just what they were trying to say. We do appreciate what you guys are doing for us. I understand the message you’re trying to say but it did sound a little condescending. I know that what you do is your decision and I respect that. I just wanted to say the way it was typed out made it seem a little mean. I know you’re a great person and I’m sure you didn’t mean for it to come out that way. Have a nice day!

Last edited 1 month ago by Some Guy

I can only imagine! I completely understand what you’re saying. It sucks that flash had to go and now were like ‘wait… we didn’t plan for this’ At least that’s what I thought. We’re all really frustrated with this and we ask for these flash games not thinking that the developers already get this question a million times a day. I’m guilty of it to but like a dead romantic relationship we need to let go. idk why I used that as an example. My brain is dead today lol. ❤️

Hey, I’ve been there and it sometimes costed friendships. So I’d hate if someone, especially you, would have to carry that thought. It’s all good, fam.