This page will NOT include information about the current game developing progress. That’s a perk limited to patreon supporters. If you want and can, you’re free to support me on patreon ( and get weekly updates on how much progress is being made with the upcoming games! 🙂

If you have issues with the games:

Please provide the following information in your bug report:

  • Exactly where you get stuck in the game (a screenshot is highly appreciated)
  • What device and browser you are using
  • If you’re using any adblockers (some run multiple adblockers without even being aware of it, so you may disable one but another is still running)
  • Also this is optional but could get me some valuable information:
    If you’re on chrome, right click anywhere on the page and press “inspect elements”, press the “console” tab. If you have any yellow or red messages (aside from cookie messages), please let me know!

2020-09-12 – Consent form bug (update: Issue seem to be resolved now!)

I’m currently having issues with my cookie consent form showing up on every page regardless of what choice you put in. I’m working hard on figuring out a solution right now!

2020-08-01 – Fixed a bug in all exclusive games

When implementing the in game ads in the HTML5 games (sadly patreon support did not cover the big revenue loss, I have to implement them again), I wrote a mistake in the code, causing all games to get stuck upon startup. This has been fixed now, if the games still gets stuck, clear your cache and the updated game should show up!

2020-07-20 – Fixed a bug in the Science Fantasy game

Fixed an issue with the main buttons not working in the Science Fantasy Dollmaker:

2020-07-14 – Next game release delayed

Just wanted to let you know that the assassin game will be a bit delayed. Last month was rough financially and I’ve had to work on a lot of art commissions to make up for it. I have not forgotten about the game, I’m working on it whenever I got some time to spare and hopefully things will turn around soon so I can return to my regular game making schedule! 🙂

2020-06-28 – Sidebar removed from game pages

To allow the game to increase in size by taking up the entire width of the page I removed the sidebar from the game pages, you can now find the contents of the sidebar at the bottom of the game pages! 🙂

2020-06-19 – SSL implemented on the website!

This doesn’t really affect players, but this information is useful for any webmasters looking to post my games. Now you with https websites can post the pastelkatto games as well! 😀

2020-06-17 – Comment form has been updated

Leaving an email address and website url was always optional when leaving a comment but the layout made it look like it was required. These two fields have now been removed, if you left a comment and would like these with the email and website removed then contact me and I’ll remove them ASAP! 🙂

2020-05-28 – Performance issues with the Monster Girl Creator game has been solved!

After spending almost two days on completely reassembling the entire game, I finally found out what the issue was… and that reassembling the entire game was completely pointless. Oh well, the discovery will help me not just with this game, but future games as well as I’ve noticed performance issues are common in HTML5 games, so now I know that I can always check this issue if it happens again! 🙂

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