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This page will NOT include information about the current game developing progress. That’s a perk limited to patreon supporters. If you want and can, you’re free to support me on patreon ( and get weekly updates on how much progress is being made with the upcoming games!

If you have issues with the games, go through this BEFORE you contact me:

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Disable any adblockers (some run multiple without knowing it and some browsers have built in adblockers, double check!)
    (If you want ad free games, I have ad free desktop apps available for supporting patrons)
  3. Try another browser if possible

If the game still doesn’t work, please provide the following information in your bug report:

  • Exactly where you get stuck in the game (a screenshot is highly appreciated)
  • What device and browser you are using
  • This is optional but could get me some valuable information:
    If you’re on chrome, right click anywhere on the page and press “inspect elements”, press the “console” tab. If you have any red messages, please let me know!

If you have suggestions on features/changes that would make it easier for you to use this website, I’d love to hear from you! Please comment on this page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

2023-12-02 – Layout changes on this website on the way

The following weeks I’m going to work a little on the layout of this website whenever I have time (for those who have missed it, I’m currently studying full time so I don’t have a whole lot of time for games and the website but I’m spending as much free time as I get on it).

So the website may look a little different as I’m trying different things. During this time, feedback is much appreciated! Let me know if a change has been for the better or worse for you. Some things I cannot change (like the ads I have to serve in order to afford running this site) but certain things I can definitely do so I’m open for all feedback!

The first change is that I’ve removed the sidebar on game pages to allow focus on just the game. There’s also a max width on the content of the page as a full 1980 pixels width of content is a bit hard to take in. More changes to come as my full time studying includes web design and development so I’m hoping to be able to put my knowledge into good use and improve this site!

2023-09-02 – Goodbye!

Goodbye to!

If anyone is still visiting the old website but using plugins to access the flash games, you may notice that it now redirects you here. This is intentional as I can no longer cover the hosting costs for (even at the lowest web hosting option) and today decided to implement a redirect so I could close down the old hosting plan.

This has of course been a long time coming, I meant to close it down almost five years ago but kept it around anyway as it continued to generate enough to cover hosting costs for a long time. Thanks to me building the new website for the past five years, this switch doesn’t feel all too much but of course it does feel a little bit like saying goodbye to an old era.

Thank you everyone who was there from the beginning of the website back in… 2012 I believe? Possibly 2013 (wow, can’t even remember myself). And a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck around despite the end of flash and all kinds of bumps this game development journey have had (and I bet there’s plenty ahead still).

Now 100% focus on one website! For any old flash games that hasn’t been converted yet: I still have the source files for and I will do my best to convert as many of them as possible. Right now there hasn’t been a whole lot of time to spare for game development, but I’m starting to get into the groove of things and with time I should be able to handle work and studying together better 🙂

2023-07-16 – Some kawaiigames are temporarily down (RESOLVED)

Update: All of the games are now up and running again! The affected games will have a fixed size rather than being responsive but that’s much better than being unplayable!

A few kawaiigames games have issues loading, kawaiigames is aware of this and will get them updated soon! For now the affected games will be hidden but I will put them back up and update here once this issue has been resolved!

2023-05-07 – Fixed the sun and moon game

I accidentally embedded the wrong game on the new sun and moon page. My apologies, this has now been fixed!

2022-12-22 – Games from egirlgames now working again! + pagination back

The blocked games on my site are now up and running! I also discovered that the pagination (the next, previous buttons) on the tag pages and such were gone, that was not supposed to be like that so I fixed it immediately! You can now see ALL the games in the specific tags!

2022-12-19 – Bug in the pirate creator fixed!

A bug with the back hair item in the pirate creator has been fixed. I’m sorry about this inconvenience!

2022-12-09 – New ads in some of the games

I believe in full transparency so I’m making a public message to adress the new ads in some of the new games (some of the older files I can not access at the time, so they’re left alone). There’s one in game ad when pressing the clear button. Financially it’s getting harder and harder to get by, with patreon support dropping it’s even harder. I have to do what I can to stay afloat and adding these ads is what’s neccessary at the time. If patreon support increases again, these ads will be removed again. I rather put in one extra ad than put my games behind a paywall!

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Hi! Sorry to bug! Do you know why the apps won’t load properly? They just get stuck on the Loading Ad screen. A few of them work alright, but the rest get stuck.

It’s a little hard to do the console thing or refresh, since I’m dealing with the app here, but here’s a screenshot of what it’s stuck on if that helps! I hope it loads, haha!

But it seems like I’m not the only one having these issues, since I’ve seen a handful of reviews on Google Play saying that they’re having problems. They were working just fine up until around September to November-ish for me. I’ve tried restarting my phone and redownloading the app, but nothing seems to be working.

Sorry for taking so long to reply! Life’s been kinda crazy, lmao!

Last edited 20 days ago by Logan

Awh heck. Thanks anyways! I’ll be able to play the games on my laptop when it gets fixed! I appreciate the help a ton! 😀

Halloween Warrior Jacket With The Best Stuff…?

Hi! Longtime fan. The newest exclusive Avatar Creator (2.3) page refreshes while I’m playing the game. It gives me another ad. And I know how important ads are, but I have to go through this three or four times before the game even starts. I love this game but I can hardly play it! I don’t know if this is a bug with the website or the game itself but so far I haven’t really experienced this with your other exclusives?

Thank you for responding! I’m using chrome on desktop. The page doesn’t really refresh, per se, but just shows an ad at random times without me refreshing the game. Let me go into a little more detail to try and help as best I can.

As I click the link to open the game, the screen loads with the PastelKatto logo, then shows me the Play Game button. I click it, and I get a video ad, which I’m sure is meant to happen.
While that ad plays, if I click off the page for any reason, I get a pop-up ad. Then I see the Play Game button again, which sometimes prompts another ad. Seems to change randomly per day, but that could just be me?

Also, if I click off the game for a short while and go to another tab, when I come back to the tab I’m given a video ad. This can’t be a longer time frame than 3 minutes in between, it’s very short.

I understand very well that being an artist in 2023 is absolutely exhausting and I 100% respect your need to run ads on the site! I would absolutely support your Patreon if I were at a place financially where I could.

I’m having trouble with javascript apparently? Linked below are the screenshots of the popup that shows the error(s)

1 2 3

Last edited 2 months ago by Asher

Please make a version of your games where you can download on computer and not android. if it is possible, i mean

Hello. Thank you for fixing bugs in “Superhero or Villain Dress Up”. but, This game has another bug. It is Reset button is not working.

Hello. I found another bug. this is background buildings item page’s bug. It has the same bug as the collar parts page.

question, can you use the Meiker tool to do a Mermaid related game, just like you did with the Virtual Singer one?. You don’t know how hard is it for me to find a good looking Anime Mermaid Maker Game.

Hi there’s this really annoying issue that started to affect me that I can’t seem to fix. What should I do?

Screenshot (321).png

Hello, I’m sure others have told you about this, but I’ve been getting this error message in all of my browsers when I try your newer games. Problem is, no amount of turning ads off fixes the situation. I turned off anti-banners in Kaspersky and tried Microsoft Edge which has no adblock extensions, but the problem persists.


The vampire and monster dollmakers aren’t working again .

Hi, so I don’t know why but when I try to run the last few games I get the same thing. Something about being embedded when I click play. And when I click inspect and console there is a lot of red. I have one picture to show, if you like I can send a second picture.

evi 1.png

its this game i did the inspect console thing and its not a you problem its literally every site its on and for some reason its not letting me submit the picture but there are like 22 red messages and 3 orange ones saying its blocked by client..its one of my favorite ones to do so i noticed right away that something was wrong..its missing so many things on it there are a few other games like that everywhere on sites like these but i cant remember what they are..the assets are just not there tho so there arent as many options…i also don’t have any adblockers on this site

Last edited 11 months ago by max

i tried it on several different browsers and my internet is just fine it runs with no problems but i get the same error codes when i inspect and look at the console thing..the game is missing assets and things to click on..ill try with a picture again of an example of missing stuff


An error occurred running the unity on this page 🙁

Um hi. I am new to this website and I am just wondering: How come some of the comments I had to wait to approved disappeared when I refreshed the page sometime later? I don’t know if it still is waiting for it’s approval or if it is not approved? I am just confused because I don’t know how this website works.

Hi! I tried to open the newly uploaded “Avatar Creator” game ( ) but, upon clicking on “play”, I got this very long error message and I honestly don’t know what to make of it (on the other hand, I can click on the Google Play option and the website link just fine).

(edit from admin, removed the error code attached here so it won’t clog the comment section)

Ok, I’ve followed the advice and found the culprit (more precisely, Kaspersky’s in-browser protection. I forgot it comes also with an adblocker on its own ? ).

Any chance your Anthro creator game will make a return? Thanks!

i Like the website, and branding, the games are relatively ok, ive no faults over it, however id love to see the amputation options and prosthetic limbs come back, no other games do it and its a sign of realism, and i really enjoyed using it, thats my only criticism, everything else is perfect, well done

The vampire and monster dollmakers aren’t working. They seem to be stuck like this. I don’t know if any others have this problem.

Screenshot 2022-01-20 132131.png

I am on a laptop and cannot play Witch Dollmaker.

Capture E.PNG

hello I was wondering if you could help ola from dolldivine turn mega anime couples and more importantly sailor senshi maker 3 to html so that fans like me can play them again?

i can’t download anything on a chromebook so that’s why i asked. i’ll ask ola if she is willing to work with youon those three games

Not to be mean but they aren’t the only one. I know plenty of personal friends who say that they miss having the old games and there’s a good portion of players who have chromebooks which means we can barely download anything and I know that’s not your fault. I think that’s just what they were trying to say. We do appreciate what you guys are doing for us. I understand the message you’re trying to say but it did sound a little condescending. I know that what you do is your decision and I respect that. I just wanted to say the way it was typed out made it seem a little mean. I know you’re a great person and I’m sure you didn’t mean for it to come out that way. Have a nice day!

Last edited 2 years ago by Some Guy

I can only imagine! I completely understand what you’re saying. It sucks that flash had to go and now were like ‘wait… we didn’t plan for this’ At least that’s what I thought. We’re all really frustrated with this and we ask for these flash games not thinking that the developers already get this question a million times a day. I’m guilty of it to but like a dead romantic relationship we need to let go. idk why I used that as an example. My brain is dead today lol. ❤️

Hey, I’ve been there and it sometimes costed friendships. So I’d hate if someone, especially you, would have to carry that thought. It’s all good, fam.

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