Pastelkatto art commission F.A.Q.

To order a commission, go to:

Do I get a physical copy of the artwork?

No, I only deliver them digitally. Usually around 6000x5000px (depending on what dimensions fits the artwork) and 200DPI (this is as big files as my computer can handle). If you were to chose to print it yourself, that size would print at 20×25 inches with no loss of quality although you could go a little higher and blur would not be too visible. If the printing company you chose (unless you print it yourself at home) have specific file requirements, let me know and I will save the file with the appropriate settings (if possible, I can’t save PDF files due to software limitations).

Can you put me on the waiting list?

When I open commissions I have five slots open, the moment I finish one commission I’ll open a new one. I have these five slots only to prevent me from getting overwhelmed with work, if I put people aside this on a waiting list then the slots wouldn’t fill their purpose. You get a slot when you order a commission, when you have ordered I will contact you and let you know if there’s any commissions in the queue before you so you know what waiting time to expect (you can contact me before ordering to check how many are in the queue currently). Don’t worry, all of my slots are rarely taken, if you see the “commission” tab at then there’s at least one slot open! 😊

What will you NOT draw?

Adult content, political content, religious content, offensive content, heavy violence, mechas, cars or very busy city environment backgrounds (I still need practise with this).

There is some things that I’m not very experienced with drawing and I may accept attempting it, however if I struggle during the process the commission may be cancelled (in this case I will give you a full refund minus paypal fees)

What are you familiar with and confident in drawing?

Pets (mainly dogs and cats but I will accept other animals as well) and human/anthro characters. In a more cartoon-ish style and a style that’s something between anime and semi-realistic.

What are the “add-ons”?

These are extra features you can add to your order. Either extra characters or the addition of a detailed background. The add-ons allow me to have fewer commission options, making the commission page a bit easier to browse through. You’ll add the add-ons to your order at a later stage when ordering but I have added the options and prices in each commission description so you can see what’s available!

Terms of use (updated 2021-01-24)

Latest changes: I removed the point about potentially livestreaming your commission since I no longer do livestreams!

If I change the terms of use during your commission, note that it’s the terms of use that you agreed on upon ordering that will be valid for your commission, not the new one!

News in the latest update: Refunds will not include paypal fees. Paypal does not pay back the fee when refunding and I’d basically pay from my own pocket to deny/cancel commissions. So please be careful when ordering your commission as you will not get the full amount back if a refund is needed.

  1. A total of 1 hour in revisions is allowed per commission. Unless you’ve opted for fast delivery I will send sketches so please point out any issues in them as it’s easier to change things at that stage (and these doesn’t count as revisions)!
  2. You’re allowed to use the artwork for any personal use (this includes posting it on social medias). It’s not allowed to remove or crop out my signature or for you to claim to have drawn it yourself. I have permission to post the picture as well, to protect your identity I will not mention you unless you specifically ask me to. If you want to use the picture for commercial purposes, then contact me first as it will change the price.
  3. If I for some reason do not want or can’t accept your commission, you will be fully refunded (minus the paypal fee, so if you’re unsure if I will accept this commission or not, please contact me before ordering). You may also cancel the commission at any time as long as I haven’t started it, if I have started working on it, you will not get a refund.
  4. There may be artworks before yours in the queue, as soon as I see your commission request I will send you an estimate of how long it will take before I can start working on your commission.