Pastelkatto Avatar Creator 2.3

It’s finally here, the new and updated Pastelkatto Avatar Creator! Create a unique avatar by mixing and matching over 400 different items! You can try to create an anime styled version of yourself or use this game to create completely new characters. I’ve taken the effort to redraw all graphics. Some items aren’t that different, some are definitely better. But of course the biggest change… thanks to WebGL, I can post this to browser! It may load for a little while. There are a lot of large graphics. I’ve done my best to compress it as much as possible but once loaded it should run nicely. Note though that WebGL should run well on desktop but may run poorly on mobile devices. If you have an android device, I’d recommend downloading the app from the google play store instead.

App for android:
Ad-free desktop app (mac and windows, only available for supporting patrons):

News (if you don’t see these changes, clear your cache!):

2023-08-16: Pastelkatto Avatar Creator Version 2.3 is now live! News in this version:

  • 30 new items, the hands have been slightly edited (softening some of the lines).
  • You can now press a button to copy the base color from the front hairstyle to the back, side and tail hair parts.
  • The horns can now be moved, the animal ears can now be moved.
  • Fixed the sword graphic for one of the hand options.
  • Fixed bugs causing the piercings to be misplaced when first selected.

2023-05-27: Pastelkatto Avatar Creator Version 2.2 is now live! News in this version:

  • 21 new items, 10 old items redrawn (noses).
  • Earrings have been separated from the rest of the piercings, piercings now have to color groups (earrings have their own color, the rest of the piercings shares the same color).
  • Tattoos now have two color layers.
  • The “random all items” and “random all colors” buttons have been adjusted. Some items will only be picked at a 33% ratio to avoid cluttered results. The randomized colors will now be more closely related so they will generally generate more pleasing looking color schemes (for the most part, code isn’t perfect but at least better than before!). The color randomizer for individual items remains the same (it will generate a completely random color regardless the other chosen colors).
  • Masks and glasses are now combined into the same page (facemask was moved to the mouth section and the clown nose was removed entirely).
  • All nose piercings will now be affected by the mouth-piercing layer swap rather than just the septum one.
  • Multiple minor bugs have been sorted out.

2022-12-29: Pastelkatto Avatar Creator Version 2.1 is now live! News in this version:

  • 20 new items, 9 items fully redrawn and a few ones edited
  • I redrew the beards and the first hair item which had too thick outlines so they didn’t look good in combination with the other items. 
  • I’ve edited the code for the move buttons so you can now press and hold and the items will continuously move! Let me know if you think they move too slow or too fast. It’s hard to get the speed right across platforms because the different frame rates of different devices changes the speed in which the items move. I found a way to edit the code that kinda makes up for this but not quite, so the speed will vary between platforms but if there’s enough feedback to change the speed, I will have a look at it and edit it in the direction most people want!

Note that if you have issues with this game or the website. Read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you.

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with the Pastelkatto Avatar Creator! Feel free to share what you have created in the comment section below!

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Made my version of the “RoseTea” character


Admin: Something went wrong with this file upload, please try again! ๐Ÿ™‚

Y’all… why is someone downvoting every last thing on here?

Me as a Fairy ๐Ÿ™‚


I loved all the details in this game ๐Ÿ™‚


tried to make me gf and her 3 yr old cat

Screenshot at 2023-10-29 22-03-23.png

(This is the other character)

Trixie was born and raised as a vampire in a all-vampire city. They had no clue that humans lurked just beyond the cities limits. Trix is known for her pranks and loalty or absense of it. She is the most snobby kid but is the best of friends once you break the barriers and finally know the true Trix. All you need to do is give her some love.

Screenshot 2023-10-28 1.04.50 AM.png

I made two characters for Haloween this year and I hope you like them (ik that was cringe I’m sorry)

This is Ayaz and she is the Ice Fairy’s only child. She is kind of spoiled and lives in her mom’s palace of ice. She can conjure up snow and frost out of thin air and is seen usually riding her ped dragon, Astraia who is a ice dragon.

Screenshot 2023-10-28 12.43.25 AM.png



I love this game

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (20).png

Recreated (to the best of my ability) my BG3 character! Eilonwy Lovelace, half-elf Circle of the Moon druid ๐Ÿ™‚

Eilonwy BG3.png


Screenshot 2023-09-28 9.37.07 PM.png

This is Jordan

Screenshot 2023-09-28 9.28.43 PM.png

This is Callista. She goes to Villans Star Academy. Her father is Pennywise, she gets into mischief
and has her signature smile on her face most of the time. Her best friend is Jordan who is The Joker’s son (I’ll show pic separately) and her boyfriend, Alex who is the son of Loki ( Picture separate also)

Screenshot 2023-09-28 9.09.02 PM.png

i love this because i feel so free playing and creating avatars.




nice avatar

gracias / Thanks you

me <3

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (1).png
Lucy Lui - Argentina

Im back with more of my OCs this is my oc Ladywolf![inspired by miraculous ladybug]

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (8).png

Biana Vacker from Keeper Of The Lost Cities/ KOTLC


LadyBug Girl

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (15).png

a Bee Worker

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (14).png

The Bee Queen

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (13).png

Wren the Busy Woodland Sprite, and her trusty ferret Benji!

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (1).png

i love the colours!

Oops, here’s fox.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (3).png

I love the fact that the snake’s name is Jellybean, that’s so adorable!

And this is fox, Wolf’s best friend, and her pet snake, Jellybean!

This is the most updated version of my oc, Wolf. She has now learned how to use lightning!

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (2).png

Here’s Callie!

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 9.52.37 AM.png

Meet Alisha, a young siren. She tends to be a bit of a wild card, as her hair may show, but she is strong and fiercely protective of the people she loves. Alisha prefers to avoid her more traditional siren mother, sticking close to her friends, her chosen family. Her friend group may be made up of 5 equally chaotic boys, and one other girl desperately trying to maintain her sanity, but she loves them to pieces. Side note, her friends all have powers of their own and have made themselves into a team of vigilantes.

Fun fact, Alisha is also a lesbian! She has a girlfriend named Callista, or Callie, an average human compared to Alisha and her friends. Callie, despite having no magical abilities, finds her own ways to help the team and manages the tech stuff back at their home base. I’ll post Callie separately.

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 9.28.59 AM.png

Dear admin, when I try to load the game it gets stuck on the loading screen and says an error has occurred. Is it something I am doing wrong?

look him up

this is based on a character from my favorite band his name is 2-D

my new 2-D.png edit.png

this is Demonica Devil the Devil’s daughter and boss of the most dangerous mafia gang in Tokyo!
her bat Lucky, she would kill anyone for her bat friend! She had four step-brothers and one step-sister Demonica is always a person to trust but break her trust and she’ll become ur enemy i dont think you’ll like to be enemy’s with the devil’s daughter!

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (3).png

This is my oc, Wolf, but updated.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (1).png

Darn, forgot the pic. Here the sexy boy is.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (1).png

Alexander Morgan, Aelia’s love interest is a wizard who learned under Merlin and has been in a relationship with Aelia since her 17th birthday even though both Merlin and Arthur forbade it. He loves Aelia to death and would do anything to keep her safe,

Last edited 4 months ago by Luna

This is a character for an original story I’m working on. Her name is Aelia Pendragon. She is the firstborn and only child of King Arthur Pendragon and Gwenivere Pendragon. She has a love interest who I will post soon.


Hey, look, it’s me!


You look sooooooooo kawai(cute,itโ€™s Japanese but Iโ€™m not from Japan).

No offense, because I mean this in a good way, but you look so much like what I think Amity (TOH) would look like without hair dye.

this is billy the demon warrior

billy has had enough.png

This is my personal OC, i like to call her Lia, the first 3 letters of my own name.

my-meiker-1686087768861987 (7).png

Cute name

It’s pretty, but I don’t think that’s from this game.

This is Lari. A high ranking soldier.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (1).png

This is another Minecraft oc. Her flower crown is a rainbow but I couldnt really do that.


Katsa Valentรฉ

Just an character I created to use this :0

Lover her though <3

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (3).png

This is my Minecraft oc, I like to call her Cupcake.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (26).png

Nora here may be a sad, but at least she’s got an emotional support bat that’s dark magenta!

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (6).png

This is my Character, Phoenix. She is part phoenix, part mountain goat.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (21).png

This Is Linx one of my superhero Oc’s I made.

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (7).png

he looks like from Miraculous

Lol he is inspired from the show!

This is Sakiro he’s a Villian in my stories I make. (Inspired by someone I know)

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (6).png

And Finally, we have our drummer…*Beats on drums for dramatic effect*
Lime: “You seriously have to do that?”
???:”Hey, effects make things “POP!”, okay?!”
Anyways, our drummer Melon Bomb! The chaotic, little daredevil, and the goofy and childish, yet somewhat mean-spirited one of the group!

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (1).png

Next up is Honey Lemon, the guitarist! (Real name is Mina Maide) The opmistic and kind one of the group. She brings the double E in Sweet!

PastelkattoAvatarCreator (2).png
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