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it reminds me of someone but idk who- =v=

Screenshot 2021-05-13 214834.png

I kinda wish I could change her skin color, but either way, I love it a lot.

download (1).png

Yeah me too but yours is really good!

( ಠ◡ಠ ) Actually I made so many version of rose princess huhu, but this one is like a villager who live in the wood and has a very tricky personality.

ภาพหน้าจอ 2564-03-28 เวลา 03.34.01.png

The hair style is AMAZING~! (=゜ω゜)!!! Very lovely and delicate game! Love this huhu
This is my “Pink Rose Princess” with her beautiful white dress and little roses on her hair ✿ She is very innocent and always curious about everything ✿ ✿ ✿

ภาพหน้าจอ 2564-03-28 เวลา 03.33.04.png

I kinda wish I could change her skin color… She still came out beautiful though!

download (57).png