Science Fantasy Dollmaker

Create and dress up a science fantasy themed character! Basically a mix between sci-fi and fantasy 😀

App for android (this is a part of the RPG Character Dollmakers app):

Updates (if you don’t see these changes, clear your cache! :)):

2020-10-18: Fixed a bug where the next page button would be shown in the background page where no next page exists!

2020-07-20: Fixed a bug causing the main menu buttons to not work!

Known issues:

If the game gets stuck on the loading screen, refresh the page and it should work! 🙂

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Made my DnD character


wait I forgot to show her.

download (1).png

Her name is Elena Ghosthut. Plus this is a great game.

Oh now that I made my lovely adventurer girl haha. (▰˘◡˘▰) She is pretty smart but a little bit fussy and easily angry at everything. Love fast food and good material because she is trying to be the best repairwoman in her town! Her lost dad is a great inventor but somehow he’s disappeared TT.

Omg ! Now I am writing a story now lol (●´ω`●) Anyway this is what I meant by having 2 shoes on both legs that one of them is a metal lol. Look cool but a little bit … hmm well love you <3

ภาพหน้าจอ 2564-02-14 เวลา 04.56.07.png

I know. I’m now really obsessed with my green poison villain lol (●´ω`●). Awww this game so adorable and cool! But if possible i wish the game has more option for shoes. Like can select if wanting only left or right shoes, because when i have a metal leg one side it’s look kinda weird when i have to wear a shoes(and socks) on it as well ^o^ lol. But anyway Love your game <333

ภาพหน้าจอ 2564-02-14 เวลา 04.37.25.png

I like everything about this game. The colors, the items, and everything else.
Great job with the game.