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Create your very own space nobility character in this science fantasy themed character creator game! I’m not super familiar with science fantasy but tried my best to create items with an equal feel of both fantasy as sci-fi while maintaining a royal touch to it. Connected to the other science fantasy creator, the thought is that you’re supposed to be able to create characters existing in the same world with both games!

Please note: This is a WebGL game, it does not have support on mobile yet. You may still be able to play the game on a mobile device but it may display weirdly and run poorly. If they ever change anything to make it work better I will update my games ASAP! But if you’re on android I highly recommend the android version instead!

I’ve had to reduce the size of my games to be able to publish them faster. Please understand that I had to make this change to be able to keep revenues up (and be able to keep producing these games at all). So if you feel that something is missing, this is why. I’m very sorry about this change but I will do my best to put in all of my love into the items that I do include in these games, I’d rather reduce the amount of items available than the quality of the items. Hopefully you will understand.

App for android:
Ad-free desktop app (mac and windows, only available for supporting patrons):

Updates (if you don’t see these updates in game, clear your cache!):

  • 2022-11-10: Fixed a bug with the hair button graphics

If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you.

I hope that you will enjoy creating your own space nobility characters!

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and battle armor for the Eternal Queen of Everything 🙂

Screenshot 2023-06-29 11.15.54 AM.png

I’ll probably draw this character along with my other character the Moth Queen, but I present to you all: The Ethereal Queen of Everything and her City Under the Sky!(yes that’s the full title 🙂

Screenshot 2023-06-29 11.09.38 AM.png

Here’s another outfit, would wear on more formal occasions.

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I made another character, and idk what role should she possess: A shrine maiden? Harbinger, perhaps? Anyways, this is the first outfit I made for her.

SpaceNobility (2).png

So, here’s an unnamed oc.

They are the early, yet latest model of modern artificial intelligence, especially technology in this world. They lives to serve whoever is their master until their master’s life end, no matter how grand and brilliant, or how ill their intentions are. The only people though who can have access to them, or who’s commands they can really follow are the one’s who claimed them, and built them themselves: The Dusk family. This did change during a war with the enemy broke out. As the ambush in the castle happened, they captured them and did some reprogramming to their system, as they wiped their memory and used them as a weapon towards the ones they used to serve. Their service to the enemy lead to the partial downfall of the Dusk’s reign. They went from owner, after owner, after owner for many years. Centuries even. (They did eventually start feeling something, which is unusual… Feeling tired of this endless cycle they have to keep going through.) Anyways, that’s all I have for you about them.

SpaceNobility (1).png

this is me as a pastelkatto character.


Actually a boy, but the female base works for him, since his face isn’t very masculine. I wish there were a few more hair options. Great game though.

Was living on earth before he was abducted back to his original planet because of his royal blood. That sounds pretty cheesy out of context, but I’m not gonna bother giving context. (I promise it’s not cheesy though)

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this is princess Emily (or Queen Emily). she’s holding the sword that the other royals used to k!ll her mother.


this is a princess that was born with an ability to whatever she lies about comes to life and its all good things.

Age: 17
Name: Soriah


A princess born with the ability to draw strength from the Moon, Luminaria keeps it secret by hiding the mark under her hair.


i will not let such a foolish Human being strike me which i am stronger than thy…

Name: Countess
Kingdom: orison empire.
When countess was just a child, she had everything she ever wanted. However her kingdom come to a bust.. Her mother had stole from thousands of kingdoms well. Thy is not gonna take over her kingdom and destroy her people she was captured but one of her people were able to escape and release her. After release the princess the alarm set off they had to run quickly however she sadly could not free the rest of her people. Then the guards came and they gotten away but..she has a tracker on her from the kingdoms…TBC ( to be continued )

SpaceNobility (1).png

That’s an amazing backstory. c:

꧁?? ???????? ??꧂
: ??????? ?? ??’???? ???????

“However, if someone comes at me with a knife, I’m not going to let them stab me simply because they’re weaker than me.”

Guohamra is the courageous Empress of the Qu’lith Kingdom. The most powerful magician of all. She manipulates space and time with a powerful magical red cystal. Her ambition is to conquer all four kingdoms and rewrite the universe’s rules. The precise cause of the outbreak of this great war is unknown. Some said Guohamra craved power. Some speculated that she desired vengeance. Some claimed she was being manipulated. Few realized what the Empress was up to. But the truly terrible strategy had only just begun.

Screen Shot 2566-01-24 at 02.11.59.png


“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

An anonymous monk who travels across the galaxy with unexplained abilities and a mystery objective. Except for the appellation Shafariyanni, which means “the wanderer of emptiness,” no one knows this monk’s genuine identity, name, gender, or past. Shafariyanti appears to be at ease. Always arise out of nowhere to put an end to a dispute between cities or kingdoms. Some claim Shafariyanti was once a very influential person in the Qu’lith Kingdom (Red Kingdom), but no one in Qu’lith seems to recognize this monk. The only thing that has always remained hidden behind every appearance of Shafariyanti is the sound of praying, which no one recognizes.

Screen Shot 2566-01-13 at 02.21.13.png

-ˋˏ ༻❁ ????? ? ?????????? ༺ ˎˊ-

“Chartreuse’s Great Ghartreuse God. I’m betting on you for power.”

The serene and knowledgeable priest of the Chartreuse or Green Kingdom is Giada. She appeared to be an apathetic young girl from the royal family who was naive. Giada, however, was in reality chosen by a priest at a young age because of her exceptional divination skills and her eligibility to serve as a priest of the Ghartreuse God. She has since been ordained and given the distinction of serving as the Ghartreuse Temple’s presiding priest. She is a fascinating person even if she is not a talker. She consistently read books and prayed to use magic for divination. with being unable to leave the temple When she has free time, she secretly wanders throughout the world of literature and fantasizes.

Chartreuse Kingdom was severely shaken by the outbreak of the outer kingdom conflict because the most recent monarch had just been assassinated. Her brother Irving, who took over as commander, had a major role to play in protecting and leading the nation to triumph. Giana was one of the magicians that engaged in combat inside the Holy Temple by channeling her magic through the fountain. through holy water and chants of her ancestor’s power, she gives prophesy and heals valiant troops.

Screen Shot 2566-01-09 at 01.44.29.png

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ?????? ???? ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

“I am the dauther of the moon, I will fight and protect pur kingdom no matter what”

Helene Luna is from the dark moon kingdom, also known as Esmeray. She is the empire’s princess and fierce warrior. Despite always being gentle calm and composed, never give up fighting. Helene even though doesn’t smile very much but she enjoys conversing with people. Even if she is not good at it because she has always been told that members of the rayal family of the moon shouldn’t express much emotion and she always ends up having strange conversations.

She has the magical ability to regulate gravity due to the moonlight. It is the power that the Luna’s ancestors have passed down. Helene has never enjoyed fighting, though but she is a fighter capable of affecting the other four kingdoms.

Screen Shot 2566-01-09 at 00.43.33.png

༺。° ♱ ????????? ????? ♱ ° 。༻

“Stop struggling! You’ll never make it out of here alive! ah ha ha!”

General Adelberte Agana of the Qu’lith Kingdom, often known as the Red Kingdom, is a crafty, jovial coldblood. Aldelberte, the youngest daughter, is from the wealthy Agana family. Blood control is a specific magic skill that has been passed down through the generations. She was frequently contrasted with her family’s other siblings. She was therefore constantly irritated whenever she heard another clan member’s name.

Her temperament is unpredictable; she constantly enjoys murdering and battling in perverse ways. Before she turned into this type of coldblooded general. She used to be a simple, happy girl who enjoyed singing and sword practice. Nobody is sure what changed following the fire tragedy at her family’s mansion, but something did.

Screen Shot 2566-01-09 at 00.57.50.png

name: Rin
Her Story: The earth elemental was sent to the dark elementals. Her mother was a dark elemental but never showed it to Rin’s father, Terra prince of the Earth elementals. Once he found out he killed Rin’s mother and banished Rin to the Dark elementals. The people of the Dark kingdom hated Rin for being a half-bread. but through the year RIn detected herself to be the best warrior of the kingdom. Years passed and she became the king’s personal guard.

SpaceNobility (1).png

His highness has chosen his daughter to watch over the universe’s egg.


idk why, but i can’t load the game (adblock is off, i checked like couple off times) i even tried different browsers :/

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 12.51.29.png
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yeah i kept getting this and turned my ad blocker off and it worked. hope you solve it

She is a future space ship company’s president.


Lady Andelwyn, prominent politician and diplomat within the United Confederation of Viskronix.

SpaceNobility (1).png

The king is dead, long live the Queen.


a strict teacher (edit)

Screenshot (2580).png

This is Elsa the Queen of the new town

Elsa The Qween Of new Town.png

Yimina Yemez, a character from a fantasy/space opera story I hope to write one day.

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Aaah another PKG game!! I absolutely adore these games! There are so many fun designs and stories I can create with games like these! I don’t know if the link would work, or if it would turn into a picture, but here’s my Space Queen! 😀

Ah, okay! Thank you!

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