Sun Dress

Dress up your main character in a royal sun dress in this gorgeous dress up game inspired by the Grimm fairytale Allerleirauh! While there’s limited body options, there’s a big amount of items that you can combine to make a beautiful gown. There’s a few options for the prince as well!

The customization options available in this game are: hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, four layers of the skirt (with additional trimmings that you can combine), bodice, sleeves, bodice details, three additional layers of the sleeves/bodice, three kinds of hair accessories, earrings, necklace, an additional layer of bodice details, draping along with a few options for the side character.

Navigate through the game with the top menu. Some pages have subpages, you navigate through those with the arrow buttons. Some items comes in multiple colors, sometimes they’re displayed at full size next to each other, sometimes there’s small color buttons on the side of the item. On the last page you’ll get the option to both save your creation and reset the game.

Game from Azaleasdolls!

If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you. Please note that I did not create this game. I do not have access to the game files, I’m merely hosting it. I can’t fix bugs in this game. However I do know the one who commissioned/developed the game so you can send your bug report to me. I’ll pass it on to the commissioner/developer! Just keep in mind that I can’t guarantee when or if they will fix it.

Have fun with this Sun Dress game! Feel free to share what you’ve created with this game in the comment section below!

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This is a ruler of the stars and moon.

Name: Starlia
Age: 20


This princess was a normal princess, but a Goddess come down touch her and she became a moon princess

Moon princess.png

Prince Heney and Princess Abigail

Prince Henrey & Princess Abigail.png

this is the golden princess

The Golden princess.png

this is moon girl and sun boy moon girl is in love with sun boy

moon girl and sun boy.png

Princess Moon, a girl who hates boys

”Uh let go, weirdo!”

Screenshot (1873).png

Am I the only one who thinks the prince looks a disturbing amount like a younger EMPEROR BELOS?! Or have I been obsessing over The Owl House waaay too much?

download (3).png

Nah I get you

The Sun Princess and Moon Prince. They are in love, but their love is forbidden as their roles are opposites and their kingdoms are at war.

Sun princess and Moon Prince.png

This game isn’t opening in my PC There just coming blue screen Why!

this here is a beautiful independent woman aieukfcabuegaine so pretty i love heerrrr


My creation! 🙂

Lucy & Vinney.jpg

Cute Golden Color is suits on her

i wish there were options for darker skin tones 🙁

OK, so, here is the gist of the story! You can read the whole thing here:

So this king was married to a woman, who had golden hair. She was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. One day she fell ill and passed away. Before she died she said “Don’t marry anyone as beautiful as me, or ahir as golden as mine.” The king was really sad and mourned for a while, and didn’t want another wife. The rest of the kingdom needed a queen, so they sent messengers around to find a new wife, but were unsuccessful. Here’s where it gets weird. The king’s DAUGHTER was apparently just as beautiful as his dead wife, and was attracted to her. His DAUGHTER. HE told his council this, and they all agreed that God has forbade anyone to marry their kids and all that. The daughter found out, and told her father that before she married him, she wanted 3 dresses “one as golden as the sun, one as silvery as the moon, and one as bright as the stars.”(hence the game dress options) She also wanted a mantle(cloak) made from a bunch of different animal furs. The king brought all of this back, even though the daughter thought it couldn’t be done. She decided to take her big cloak, run away, and ended up sleeping under a big oak tree in a forest.Her father was hunting there, and his men found his daughter there. They called her Allerleirauh, which means (of-many furs, or of different kinds of fur) and basically made her a servant. She did this for a while, until one day there was a festival. Allerleirauh was allowed to go upstairs and watch, so she cleaned herself, and put on the dress of the sun. She danced with the king and he fell in love with her, not knowing it was his daughter. After this she dirtied herself and became a servant again. After a while, there was another festival,and Allerleirauh was allowed back upstairs. She washed herself, and put on the moon dress. Then she went up and was like a princess, and she and the king danced together. She became Allerleirauh again.When, for the third time, the King held a festival, all happened just as it had done before. And then she put on the star dress. Again the King danced with her. While they were dancing, the king put a golden ring on her finger. She ran as fast as she could back to her room to be a servant again,but she didn’t have time to take off her dress, and just threw on her cloak. The king came to her and saw the ring which he had put on her during the dance. The king then saw her dress underneath her cloak, and pulled the cloak off. Then he saw her hair and knew it was his daughter. He said “Thou art my dear bride, and we will never more part from each other.” They got married and lived happily ever after

I can only assume the man behind her is her dad, and this story is kinda messed up

Screenshot 2021-12-09 9.09.18 AM.png

This tale is called “Donkey Skin”

Thats the movie

it very good

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