Superhero Avatar Maker

Create a character and dress up as a superhero in this superhero avatar maker game! A bunch of different typical super hero equipment is available, including capes and masks. You can also combine the pants and skirt options! You can of course also choose to make your character a villain! This game may take a little moment to load but it’s worth it, I assure you.

Please note that this game may not work on mobile!

The customization options available in this game are: Front hair, back hair, eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouths, skincolor, topwear, pants, skirts (can be layered with the pants), shoes, socks, masks, weapons, hair accessories, front cape, back cape (combine front and back item to get a complete unique cape), gloves, hats, animal ears, head accessories and background options.

You will find the items for the character on the right menu. To color it, select the paintbrush icon on the left menu to bring up the color palette, most items have two colors so press the button that’s either pink and says “Color 1” or the blue button that says “Color 2” to switch between which part of the item to color. If you close the color menu (or if it’s already closed from the start) you’ll have access to the random all items button and random all colors item, you can also use the magnifying glass to zoom in on the character. If you press the green checkmark then you can either save your creation or clear it to start over!

Game by!

If you have issues with this game or the website, please read the “News and known issues”-page before you send your bug report! It will help me greatly when I try to help you. Please note that I did not create this game, I do not have access to the game files, I’m merely hosting it. I can’t fix bugs in this game. However I do know the one who commissioned/developed the game so you can send your bug report to me. I’ll pass it on to the commissioner/developer! Just keep in mind that I can’t guarantee when or if the developer will fix it.

Have fun with this superhero avatar maker game! Do feel free to share what you’ve created in the comment section below!

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is there no male option????????

This Lady wolf with the miraculous of the cat. Now she is Minina.(Thinking whether to put noir at the end of her name.)

kawaii-superhero-avatar-maker-1363x793 (8).png

Ladywolf with other miraculous like the ladybug. She is now Scarlet Bug.

kawaii-superhero-avatar-maker-1363x793 (9).png

¿Green or Blue?

change your mind. “Gianna Woodruff, the new Blue Lantern of the Blue Lantern Corps. And Jessica Cruz’s girlfriend.”


This is my creation Lady Wolf

kawaii-superhero-avatar-maker-1363x793 (4).png


Thank you 🙂

She is Gianna Woodruff, the new Green Lantern, and Jessica Cruz’s girlfriend.


Blue Ivy. She fights Veena with her whip and can summon plants made of blue magic.

Blue Ivy.png

Veena, a supervillain who wants to bring back the dragons. The dragons are incredibly destructive. (Finally, a supervillain who doesn’t want to rule the world!)


I was trying to make the kid from More Than Hero on WEBTOON, but the screen was green the whole time, but everything worked fine.

This game took forever to load but it was still very nice 🙂

Is anyone using this to make miraculous ladybug characters? I am!


YEET inded

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