French Court Dress Up

Another gorgeous game from AzaleasDolls! Inspired by French ball gowns from the 1600-1700’s. It’s not a huge game but it’s so beautifully drawn I had to post it! Note that while you can pick a full gown in the beginning of the game, later on you can mix different tops with bottoms! 😁

Fairy Talents

Create and dress up a fairy in a bunch of beautiful items with the themes flowers, water, light, snowflakes, animal care, and gems! You can mix items from the different themes up! You change the background by going into the different categories and leave the background you want on last before saving 😁

Mermaid Princess

Another beautiful game from Azaleasdolls. This time you dress up a mermaid princess! I know skincolors is a big request for Azaleas games, this one does have three different skintones 😊

Superheroes Dress Up

Dress up a superhero in the art style of vintage comic! Items inspired by some of the known super heroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman and Lois Lane. Another neat game by Azaleasdolls 😁