Here I’ve collected all the character creators and dress up games from the legendary developer dolldivine! She’s been around for a while and is known for games with a high amount of customization and high quality artworks! Sometimes doing games based on recent trends, sometimes surprising us. Either way I’m always excited when there’s a dolldivine release that’s allowed to be published on other websites! These games are perfect for you who want the option to create the entire character rather than just dressing up.

Please note that while she’s using methods to make flash work on her website, I am not. So any flash games from her site that you may want here, I can’t publish. But all of the new games are functional here!

This tag is based on the developer of the game. All the games in this section is made by the same developer which means that they’ll likely be similar in function, style and content. However the themes will vary betwern them. If you like one of them, you might just enjoy the other’s as well, have a look!

Unless the developer is me (pastelkatto) I will not have access to the game files. Meaning that I can not change anything inside the games or fix any bugs. I am merely hosting the games on my site, however in some cases I have connections with the developer and can pass on certain bug reports to the developer.

Check out which games I have available on this site from dolldivine!

Forest Fae Creator

Forest Fae Thumbnail

Create and dress up a beautiful fairy of the forest in this forest fae character creator!! Delicate wings and flowery outfits will make the perfect fairy character! Gorgeous art style and a lot of customization available. The customization options available in this game are: background, wings, draping (behind character), skincolor, tattoos (multiple can be chosen), …

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Modern Mucha

Modern Mucha thumbnail

In this modern mucha game you can create a character and dress up in beautiful attires in pastel colors, all in the art nouveau style! Because of the muted colors, it’s easy to combine them into nice complete outfits. The customization options available in this game are: multiple parts for the background, skincolor, lip color, …

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Space Princess

Space Princess thumbnail

Create a space princess character and dress up in celestial outfits, big gorgeous gowns and starry accessories! There’s many different items that you can easily combine in a way that makes it look like it was made in one piece! The customization options available in this game are: Two part background, wings, skincolor, tattoo/skinmarks (multiple …

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Sukebancore Dollmaker

Sukebancore Dollmaker thumbnail

Create a character and dress up in the cool urban style sukeban in this sukebancore creator game! I’m not too familiar with this style but it seems based on sporty outfits and streetwear. Pick between a range of cool looking outfits! The customization options available in this game are: twp parr background, two part back …

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Urban Chic

Urban Chic Thumbnail

Create a character and dress them up in urban chic fashion in this game! Something kind of in between every day wear and more formal. There’s a decent amount of character customization (there’s even tattoos available) but it’s mostly focused on the outfit aspect. Both casual two piece outfits and swimwear is available in this …

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