Dressupgames is a dress up game and character creator website that has been around for a LONG time! On this page I’ve collected all dress up games on my website from them! Today I’m a character creator developer, but back when I was 12 I was hanging on that website, playing dress up games myself! The owner of the website commission games and some of them are available to publish on other websites!

These games are usually good quality (I’ve even made a game for that website once!). Since they’re commissioned from different artists and developers, they can look very different from each other. But I know that there’s standards for these games, don’t think I’ve bumped into a single game from that website that I don’t want to publish here!


This tag is based on the developer of the game. All the games in this section is made by the same developer which means that they’ll likely be similar in function, style and content. However the themes will vary betwern them. If you like one of them, you might just enjoy the other’s as well, have a look!

Unless the developer is me (pastelkatto) I will not have access to the game files. Meaning that I can not change anything inside the games or fix any bugs. I am merely hosting the games on my site, however in some cases I have connections with the developer and can pass on certain bug reports to the developer.

Check out which games I have available on this site from dressupgames!

Drag Queen Maker

Drag Queen Maker

A really neat drag queen creator where you can create and dress up your own runway diva in a range of glamourous outfits! The customization options available in this game are: background, skincolor, two part hairstyle, tattoos (multiple can be selected), socks, shoes, base topwear layer, base bottomwear layer, bottomwear, gloves, nails, head shape, eyebrows/makeup,

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