This page contains all of the dress up games and character creators that I have on my website from egirlgames! Their games are often linear with multiple characters. The characters are often completely original but every once in a while you’ll see a familiar face. Generally they’re makeover and dress up. However every once in a while they release a neat game that’s very different from their normal stuff! Their style is generally semi-realism but again, sometimes they try something different.

They tend to explore different styles so these games are great when you want to explore different types of fashion! When it comes to character creation, the body options are generally quite limited though. But good games if you like playing around with different outfits!

This tag is based on the developer of the game. All the games in this section is made by the same developer which means that they’ll likely be similar in function, style and content. However the themes will vary betwern them. If you like one of them, you might just enjoy the other’s as well, have a look!

Unless the developer is me (pastelkatto) I will not have access to the game files. Meaning that I can not change anything inside the games or fix any bugs. I am merely hosting the games on my site, however in some cases I have connections with the developer and can pass on certain bug reports to the developer.

Check out which games I have available on this site from egirlgames!

My Perfect Dress Creator

my perfect dress creator

In My Perfect Dress Creator, YOU get to create your perfect dress! Mix and match between a range of different tops, bottoms and sleeves. You can also put makeup on your character and finish off your creation with accessories and different hairstyles (sadly there’s no haircolor options). The game is linear where the first stage […]

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Magical Monster Avatar Creator

magical monster avatar creator

A really neat avatar creator where you create and dress up a magical monster character of your own! Anything from werewolves to zombies, vampires and even something completely original from you is possible to create! You can customize the irises and eye shapes individually (and both sides can be different if you want). Other customization

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