Let’s visit the amazing world of the fantasy themed dress up games and character creators! The elven warriors, the grouchy orcs and fantastical beasts! This is definitely one of my personal favourite type of games. If you’re a big fan of fantasy role playing games, I’m sure you’ll like the games on this page.

It’s a very broad theme as it covers all types of fantasy themes. Everything from classic medieval to the more futuristic science fantasy. But one thing they all got in common is how they allow you to escape the dull reality for a moment. Sometimes we just need to go away to a land with fairies, dragons and those darn chest mimics. You think you’ve hit the gold jackpot and HECK, the wooden chest is biting you!

Well, these may “just” be character creators, but they can allow you to start a whole new adventure with your own creativity!

This tag is based on a theme. The games on these pages can be made by different developers and may vary a lot in style, customization options and functions. That can provide fun variety in your dress up game journey! So you can make a little collection with the same type of items but in different styles on different characters! Great if you have a specific theme you’re looking for.

I hope you find the perfect fantasy themed dress up game that you’re looking for! I love seeing what you create with your games either in the comment section for the game itself or in the general page for user creations!

Fairy of Secrets

Fairy of Secrets thumbnail

Dress up a magical fairy in this fairy of secrets game! The game is small but absolutely gorgeous with magical dresses and accessories. You probably know by now that I’m weak for the beautiful artstyle of azaleas! Even though there’s not a huge amount of options, there’s still quite a bit of variation that you

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Space Goddess Dollmaker

Space Goddess Dollmaker thumbnail

Create and dress up a space goddess in this space goddess dollmaker game! Hanging out in outer space, looking after the vast unknown! A human character but with divine powers. Ethereal dresses and accessories. There’s some customization for the background as well. Exactly what kind of powers she has and how just of a goddess

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Mermaid Dollmaker

Mermaid Dollmaker thumbnail

Create your own mermaid character in this mermaid dollmaker game! Swimming out in the sea, lurkin at the surface or maybe in the darkest depths of the ocean! With the classic mermaid items and some more outlandish ideas with the octopus arms (although I guess with Ursula from The Little Mermaid, it’s not that outlandish

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