These historical character creators and dress up games can be as fun as educational! Take the educational part with a pinch of salt in some games though. Some are mindfully pushing facts so they can take some liberties with the outfits. But some developers makes a good effort to portray a certain historical period as accurately as possible!

This theme is quite broad as it includes many time periods at any location! Anything from ancient Greece to more recent wild west of America. You’ll be on a journey of diverse attires that will tell you stories of their own about the time and place they’re from.

This tag is based on a theme. The games on these pages can be made by different developers and may vary a lot in style, customization options and functions. That can provide fun variety in your dress up game journey! So you can make a little collection with the same type of items but in different styles on different characters! Great if you have a specific theme you’re looking for. Please note though that some of these games may not be fully made with this theme in mind. But if you can create characters that fits this tag, the tag will be included for the game.

I hope you find the perfect historical themed dress up game that you’re looking for! I love seeing what you create with your games either in the comment section for the game itself or in the general page for user creations!

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