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On this page I’ve collected all of the games on my website which are drawn by an indie artist! An indie artist is basically an individual artist that can get hired by multiple developers to work freely on games. They are not tied to a specific website or company.

Therefore the games in this tag are made by a whole bunch of different people. It allows for a wide variety of art styles as they all have their own. Some can look very unique from what you may be used to when playing games from bigger websites. The functionality will also greatly vary. Anything from big character creators with very advanced options to very simple dress up games.

Sometimes the artist is also the developer of the game. But what matters is that they work on their own which often allows them to take a lot of liberties with the decisions behind the games.

You can see in the description of each game who the artist is, often accompanied by which website commissioned them to draw and maybe also developed the game for them.

Unless the developer is me (pastelkatto) I will not have access to the game files. Meaning that I can not change anything inside the games or fix any bugs. I am merely hosting the games on my site, however in some cases I have connections with the developer and can pass on certain bug reports to the developer.

I hope you’ll have as good of a time as me exploring these unique games!

Swingin Sixties

Swinging Sixties thumbnail

In Swinging Sixties you can create a character and dress up in outfit inspired by the 60’s (to be more exact, the game was inspired by a drawing the artist had made)! The customization options available in this game are: background, skincolor, eyebrow, eye makeup (multiple options can be selected), nose, mouth, base clothing layer

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