Meiker is a special tag on this site. These dress up games and character creators are all made with the meiker tool!

It’s a website that allows you to create dress up games and character creators using photoshop files! It’s a neat tool coming from dolldivine, making dress up game development even easier than it was back in the flash era. You simply group and layer your items and the website will automatically compile it into a browser game.

A fantastic tool for artists who wants to try out dress up game development but have no programming knowledge! Thanks to this, these games sometimes have really neat indie artists art styles. The games varies greatly in size as well. Some are directly made by the artists on their own. Meanwhile other games are commissioned by other websites.

What they all have in common is the functionality and layout created by the tool itself. So if you’re fond of how these games looks and works woth the scrolling menus, pop up color menu. Then check out all of the ones I have available!

The fact that these games are so different provides nice variation to your dress up gaming without you having to figure out new layouts and functions. Although you will find that certain skilled artists will have made quite a few great games!

So check out meiker’s website if you’re curious about making your own game. There’s very clear youtube videos available to guide you on how to use it!

Swingin Sixties

Swinging Sixties thumbnail

In Swinging Sixties you can create a character and dress up in outfit inspired by the 60’s (to be more exact, the game was inspired by a drawing the artist had made)! The customization options available in this game are: background, skincolor, eyebrow, eye makeup (multiple options can be selected), nose, mouth, base clothing layer

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