On this page you’ll find oriental themed dress up games and character creators. These games will have outfits inspired by eastern countries. Both modern and traditional attires can be included in this theme.

There’s many gorgeous traditional attires from all of these countries. Just keep in mind that while some developers are very good at doing research and creates very accurate games, other’s may not. I will try to include games where you can tell they did their research. However I am no expert myself and may include games that aren’t very accurate. If a game includes inaccurate attires that are considered offensive and I’m unaware, please do inform me so I can remove it ASAP!

This tag is based on a theme. The games on these pages can be made by different developers and may vary a lot in style, customization options and functions. That can provide fun variety in your dress up game journey! So you can make a little collection with the same type of items but in different styles on different characters! Great if you have a specific theme you’re looking for. Please note though that some of these games are not exclusively the tag in question alone. But if you are able to create characters that fits this tag, the tag will include this game.

I hope you find the perfect oriental themed dress up game that you’re looking for! I love seeing what you create with your games either in the comment section for the game itself or in the general page for user creations!

Chinese Beauty

Chinese Beauty thumbnail

Dress up your Chinese beauty character in traditional outfits, colorful flowy dresses and delicate accessories of different kinds! Layer a large amount of items to create a beautiful traditional chinese outfit. There’s a large amount of different items available! The customization options available in this game are: mouth, eyeshadow, multiple parts of the hair (the […]

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Eastern Princess Dress Up

Eastern Princess Dress Up thumbnail

Dress up an eastern princess in elegant dresses inspired by royal eastern attire! Some items are inspired by Mulan. There’s gorgeous small details in the clothing and beautiful hairstyles to choose from! The customization options available in this game are: eyes, eyeshadow, eyebrows, mouths, three different makeup options, background, hairstyle, bangs, base clothing layer, topwear,

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