This page contains all of the character creator and dress up games developed by me, pastelkatto! I focus on mainly big character creators, often fantasy themed. But every once in a while I do a more casual theme as well. There are however times when I have to focus on smaller games, it depends on the need of content at the time. But my goal is to make them as big as I possibly can.

I also have my big avatar creator game which is regularly updated with new and redrawn items, constantly making it better and better!

Yes, this page is essentially the same as the “exclusive games” page. But since I tag every other developer, I figured I’d make a tag for my own games as well.

This tag is based on the developer of the game. All the games in this section comes from the same developer which means that they’ll likely be similar in function, style and content. However the themes will vary betwern them. If you like one of them, you might just enjoy the other’s as well, have a look!

Unless the developer is me (pastelkatto) I will not have access to the game files. Meaning that I can not change anything inside the games or fix any bugs. I am merely hosting the games on my site, however in some cases I have connections with the developer and can pass on certain bug reports to the developer.

Check out all of my pastelkatto character creators here!

Assassin Dollmaker

Assassin Dollmaker Thumbnail

Quick and stealthy, this game theme is the assassin class! Create and dress up a character in outfits inspired by the rouge class characters in RPG games! It’s time to get stealthy with these nimble characters. Thank you so much for being patient with this one! I was struggling financially these past weeks and had

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Space Goddess Dollmaker

Space Goddess Dollmaker thumbnail

Create and dress up a space goddess in this space goddess dollmaker game! Hanging out in outer space, looking after the vast unknown! A human character but with divine powers. Ethereal dresses and accessories. There’s some customization for the background as well. Exactly what kind of powers she has and how just of a goddess

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Mermaid Dollmaker

Mermaid Dollmaker thumbnail

Create your own mermaid character in this mermaid dollmaker game! Swimming out in the sea, lurkin at the surface or maybe in the darkest depths of the ocean! With the classic mermaid items and some more outlandish ideas with the octopus arms (although I guess with Ursula from The Little Mermaid, it’s not that outlandish

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