Mermaid Dollmaker

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Create your own mermaid character in this mermaid dollmaker game! Swimming out in the sea, lurkin at the surface or maybe in the darkest depths of the ocean! With the classic mermaid items and some more outlandish ideas with the octopus arms (although I guess with Ursula from The Little Mermaid, it’s not that outlandish …

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Pirate Creator

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Create and dress up a pirate in this pirate creator game! Firstly pick body items, secondly dress up in a range of clothing and accessories and at last prepare the setting for your pirate. Is your character preparing for battle, venturing out to find the hidden treasures or stuck at a haunted ship? It’s all …

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Tomboy Creator

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Create and dress up a character with a tomboy style in this tomboy creator! A girl with a style focusing on masculine outfits. It can be anything between just comfortable t-shirts and loose pants to a very boyish attire. In fact it’s quite the diverse style even if the description of it may seem short. …

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