If the hero dress up games and character creators aren’t for you, perhaps the villain ones are! Sometimes the evil ones are the most interesting…

If we have a hero tag, we gotta have a villain tag! Maybe you’re also one of those that would find the villains in movies or games more interesting. What turned them into a villain? What’s their story? And let’s face it, sometimes the villains straight up looks cooler than the heroes does. The pointy designs of the outfits. The dark color schemes. More interesting powers… Heck. Screw it. Go to the dark side. Choose chaos! Follow the life of a cat, push down a glass from the table without reason! Okay, don’t do that. But feel free to enjoy these games!

This tag is based on a theme. These games are coming from different developers and therefore varies a lot in style, customization options and functions. That is providing fun variety in your dress up game journey! So you can make a little collection with the same type of items but in different styles on different characters! Great if you have a specific theme you’re looking for. Please note though that some of these games are not exclusively the tag in question alone. But if you are able to create characters that fits this tag, the tag will include this game.

I hope you will find the perfect villain themed dress up game that you’re looking for! I love seeing what you create with your games either in the comment section for the game itself or in the general page for user creations!

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