Tomboy Creator

Create and dress up a character with a tomboy style!

My first HTML5 game, I have gone back to it and done some changes to improve the performance of it! Please note that the drag and drop items have been removed as they functioned poorly and caused the game to slow down overall. But there’s still plenty of items to choose from! 🙂

Updates (if you don’t see these changes, clear your cache!):

2020-06-15: Fixed the issue with the color options not showing for the full hairstyles. Please note that you have to press the grey button next to the hair items in order to switch between the three-part hairstyles and full hairstyles. In this game you can’t pick both at once 🙂 Also the blank space underneath these items is normal, the drag and drop items used to be there 🙂

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Can I get the cat in the picture?

(●´ω`●) My sweet red hair girl~~~ I always love to play your games so much. She has a very cool black robotic arms and been working for a bad villain lol *:・゚✧

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Where did the drag and drop stuff go?

You probably are going to say what are those but those but… These are pink Nikes… Wait a minute how do you send send your picture