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and lastly, this is michelle she goes by she/her. she’s the sheriff’s daughter and he tries to keep her away from his job because she’s the only thing he has for a family. but michelle loves the adrenaline that comes with fighting crime and she finds herself in big trouble while she’s trying to stop the most powerful ”villains”. and the bad guy kidnaps her but with her flirty and interesting personality and brilliant mind she rummages out but he keeps following her and soon she finds out he’s falling for her. but when essie learns about their relationship she shoots at her. when michelle opens her eyes she finds herself in robin’s bar and a big mystery to solve because she doesn’t remember anything.


essie’s pronoun is she/her. she comes from a wealthy family and her life goal is to have a romantic partner and a big family. she’s engaged to the town’s wealthiest man who is older than her but he’s on the road quite often and doesn’t have a lot of time for her. she wants romance but her partner’s priority is to have her sit in his mansion all pretty and nice. and one day while her partner is on a journey she finds herself with the bad guy of the wild east laughing at his flirty compliments and jokes about her. so essie starts to hang out with this guy behind her partner’s back and soon she finds out she’s falling for him but he’s the bad guy so they cant work.


so i made up a little story about this character. their name is robin and the pronounce is she/they. they are a looner and they don’t have anyone left so they help everyone and have a weird obsession with beer. they don’t look for love nor do they know what is their life goal. they just exist and do whatever they wanna do


honestly if i could dress like this I would


i did an oc her name is Harriet but everyone calls her Ezra for some reason she hates her birth name but no one knows why