Witch Doctor Creator (updated!)

A large and beautifully drawn game from dolldivine and the artist shidabeeda with the meiker tool! Keep in mind that there’s a lot of items in this game so it may take a while to load but it’s so worth it! Items based on spiritual healers (or witch doctors) with tribal looking outfits and magical accessories!

Updates (if you don’t see these changes, clear your cache! :)):

2021-06-11: This game now have drag and drop items! 😁

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idk honestly but she looks kinda scary and cool. love the game

my-meiker-162524244815467 (1).png

so this is estella and she’s a gypsy. she travels the world and looks for good times.


This is a new character I made up. Her name is Evera, goddess of the sky. I came up with the name after giving thought to the word ‘ever’, and decided it would mean vast and greatness. In this sense I came up with Evera, and thought it would be fitting. Her necklace holds a curse making her unable to leave her domain, and she can’t take it off nor destroy it. She’s said to have had an awful upbringing, her father abandoned her, and left her to die alone in the woods. She was raised by witches, who abused her, and she was used to do their evil bidding. On her 18th birthday she was found by a river washing her clothes when she met a man who told her a story, of a magic box that could grant her any wish she desired, and she sought after it. After an intense journey, with many near death experiences, she found the box, but all she saw was a necklace. With a rather disappointed expression, she held the necklace in her hand. With a brilliant glow it spoke, and it asked her what she desired. To be loved was her answer. The necklace told her to wear it, and loved she became. She was loved by the villagers, loved by her father, loved by the ones who raised her, loved by everyone who new of her. Everyone adored her to a fault, they obeyed her every command and became her mindless subjects. She was forced to become what she is now, and she ascended to the sky, still lonely, even with all of the ones who adored her. The curse was for the ones who’s lives were so miserable they would rush and not think of the consequences of such a vague wish as hers. Blinded by their sadness, only to plunge into an inescapable fate. : )

full moon night goddess :3
Quando me irritão.png

I love them!!!!!


oracle of the wishing well. she shows up to predict the future and to bring about rain for the nearby village. otherwise she vanishes come a strong northern wind…

oracle of the wishing well.png

This game is so awesome. Just sad shidabeeda never added the body tattoos back.


There are so many options in this creator! I love it!